Loligo – World’s 1st ICO Safety Ecosystem

Loligo is a platform for launching ICO, which will check the projects for security and demand, and only after that give good to initialize KRAUDSEJLA. This will reduce the number of scum in the industry and make it more attractive to investors.
How it works
The algorithm to run Tokensejla on Loligo is simple:
1. The development team makes a request to launch ICO.
2. Experts at Loligo check the project on a number of criteria and conclude about its reliability.
3. If everything is normal, a smart contract is created to issue tokens, start Tokensejla and distribute the collected funds fairly.
The project will be checked with the help of internal experts. The principle of formation of a pool of experts and criteria of estimation of start-ups are not announced yet.
Loligo Tools
Benchmark. The project evaluation system, which includes both the results of automated analysis and the consultation of internal experts. The automatic analysis includes code analysis, unit testing, simulated environment testing, and load testing. In contrast to the assessment services already available on the market, the Loligo platform will analyze the performance and reliability of the ICO in real time.

Ethereum Relay. A component that allows you to interact between Blokchejnami Loligo and Jefiriumom. It allows the Loligo account to receive payments from Ethereum and vice versa.
Smart Wallet. This is the entry point to the Loligo ecosystem. Purse allows you to store, transfer and sell tokens LLG, as well as participate in various ICOs.
ICO Market. All tokens released within the platform immediately enter the market, where they are categorized by category, availability, and popularity. Purchases in this market are made in fiat with the help of smart purses.
Smart Explore. An efficient and simple interface that will be useful for investors to track the development of ICOs.
LCC Factory. A tool that allows you to edit, test, test, and publish your smart contract to Blokchejne Loligo.

Benefits of the ecosystem
In addition to the classic anonymity and security of blockchain-start-ups, the ecosystem will be highlighted with the following advantages:
 Simplicity. The interface and the algorithm of work are so simple that will allow starting new projects or tokenize existing in the shortest terms.
 Scalability. Loligo intends to use all the possibilities of blockchain Ethereum in terms of the possibility of the project, but with its innovations (which is not mentioned in Vajtpejper).
 Real-time project evaluation. This is a unique approach to compiling Tokensejlov ratings. All others either do not evaluate the projects or do the analysis at the beginning and continue to change nothing.

Economy and Token
The platform will use its own “LLG” token of the ERC-20 standard. You will need it to initialize Kraudsejlov, create and run smart contracts, and other activities.

Conclusion : 
Loligo  The development team wants to create a platform to launch the ICO, which will screen out unreliable projects. This is an interesting idea, which in case of successful implementation will attract investors and serve as a good advertisement for the Loligo Kraudsejlov on the platform. However, it is not yet clear who and on what principle the projects are to be evaluated, as well as how effective will be this assessment and whether the platform will give assurances of the reliability of a particular crowdsell. The usual rating agencies, for example, correcting or icobench do not do this, so their estimation, in fact, gives little to the investor. If Loligo goes on this way, their main advantage will be fiction. If not, the project will have every chance of success.

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