LEXIT – The first Blockchain Powered Mergers and Acquisitions Marketplace

Lexit is a project that deals with optimizing a business process called M&A. M&A is a very complex area. First, there are thousands of businesses that fall apart every year, and as a result there are many buyers and sellers who are facing problems with money negotiations in a fair way. Most of these negotiations are related to the use of lawyers and the negotiation process can be quite complicated when the assets involved are of high value.

It is designed to serve as the world’s first market that works to increase the “efficiency and liquidity” of the corporate asset market. To achieve this, lexit will use decentralized currency as well as a user-friendly platform that will eliminate “patents, trademarks, technologies, and even entire companies” so that they can be easily traded.

More about Lexit
Let’s start with the fact that we see that lexit comes with the ability to create a unique “Crypto-oriented platform” that will seamlessly simplify “M&A and IP-transactions “. The goal of Lexit is to perform two main functions, including:

It will serve as a market where users will be able to come and offer their IP addresses, affiliates companies, and startups for sale.  Potential buyers will be able to view the available opportunities and then choose the ones they want to invest in.

Native ecosystem:
To make the whole exchange of experience more fluid, the company has developed its own ecosystem to make the market functional and affordable (for all those who want to use it). First, Lexit will use incentives and bonuses to be used to encourage participation. In addition to this, the company will also provide “legal assistance” to its clients to prepare “Transactions M&A and IP “.

Who can benefit from the use of lexit?
They are the people who own the company, the assets, the patent and want to sell it in a completely decentralized way. Through the use of the Lexit platform, sellers can interact with potential investors, appraisers and other individuals to not only check the asset but also make a tangible sale that can be profitable for both parties.

As the name suggests, it is users who want to acquire IP, digital/physical assets or even companies to expand their business. Lexit Through the Lexit interface, they can request information from sellers and then make informed choices about whether they want to continue the investment or not.

These people are intermediaries who can help provide sellers and buyers with special knowledge of the value of goods in hand (patents, IP, startups, etc.). In addition to this, they can also help to conduct “due diligence”, looking at the company’s books, as well as help with the development

Lexit LXT Details ICO
To make all transactions easier in the Lexit ecosystem, the company will use its native currency called LXT. The main reason for launching such a token is to avoid any major fluctuations in the cost of “pricing”, which are usually associated with cryptocurrencies, such as BTC, ETH.

In terms of using the LXT token, we can see that it will be used for:

Rating of buyers, sellers, appraisers for the quality of their participation and overall work.
Perform payments that will be transferred to experts and other participants for their role in assisting in the conclusion of the transaction.
Categorization “Listed items ” In order to prevent problems associated with “tag vandalism “.
Payment of the company’s commission as the transaction is successfully completed.

Distribution of LEXIT funds
 50% of all funds collected will be used to sell tokens.
 15% of the money was postponed to the of the Fund “.
 5% will be reserved for the consultants of the company.
 10% will be given to the company’s partners and other persons who have supported the project since infancy.
 The remaining 20% will be used by the company’s staff and project founders.

Conclusion : 
Lexit This company has taken on the task of optimizing one of the business processes. Judging by the information provided, they know what they have to do, and are seriously prepared to implement and to possible problems. This project is definitely worthy of attention, from an investment point of view including.

Detail Information :
Website: https://www.lexit.co
White paper: https://www.lexit.co/resources/whitepaper
ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2494585.0
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCA0caYKUsy8hUCQ-Djy87w/featured
Twitter : https://twitter.com/LEXITco
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Telegram: https://t.me/LEXITco

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