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LEVEL01 – As practice shows, the options contracts traded on large exchanges and OTC markets are for the most part not available for individuals. For this reason, they are forced to contact intermediaries who can place purchase and sell orders on behalf of their customers and have direct access to exchanges and OTC markets.

However, in recent years, complaints from individuals about the mismanagement of client funds, late execution of trades and general misconduct, as well as disregard of the rights of the client have become more and more frequent. Of course, such factors as the long-term processing of withdrawal and hidden trade fees are a significant problem for the industry, that is why the project LEVEL01 turned its attention to this deficiency in order to improve the conduct of trading activities Individuals.

The LEVEL01 platform is a decentralized P2P exchanger that allows investors to directly trade option contracts without the intervention of brokers or other intermediaries.

The vision of the LEVEL01 is concluded in the effective elimination of the problems of the modern financial industry, which are present on the exchanges. For example, getting rid of intermediaries will significantly save on transaction costs, thus allowing investors to devote all their attention exclusively to trading activities.

The LEVEL01 platform promotes transparency and efficiency, so it combines the technology of a distributed book with an artificial intelligence analyst, which helps it to assess the dynamics of fair value for counterparties based on current Market data.

Using the Blockchain technology platform will provide a “trusted intermediary” function that does not require overhead and works as efficiently as possible on the result. Decentralized nature of blockchain is an immutable method of data storage, which makes the technology ideal for transaction verification and storage operations.

Transactions are only feasible for authorized users who can manage and automate agreements between different parties, as well as provide data to other smart contracts. Multiple smart contracts can be started to work together, resulting in more complex platform functionality.

How it works
Trading methodology options are perceived as an effective way of regulating financial products. The LEVEL01 project team is currently working on the implementation of the methodology in the platform.

Advantages of variants of the trading methodology are concluded that they are effective and are used practically in every market condition and practically for each investment purpose.

Optional trading is a decision-making process regarding the direction of the price movement in the market asset. For the contract to enter into force, it must be agreed by the counterparty who will accept the opposite side of the transaction. The validity of the contract is determined by the price of the asset, which is compared with the execution price. Thus, one of the parties will receive a profit from a pre-determined amount of the contract.

Given the fact that options are not transactions with the underlying asset, but are only contracted for changing the market price of an asset, they allow investors to cover popular classes of asset categories (currencies, stocks, raw materials) without the need to Resort to reseller services.

The initial placement of the option contract by the investor is the direct placement of the proposed contract on the platform, which obliges be agreed with the counterparty.

The function of the protocol with the pre-installed Smart contract Intent Sealed Transaction (LIST) on Blokchejne is able to reliably save the parameters of all trading matches of users. Intent Sealed Transaction initiates the transfer of trade investment tokens and performs trade settlement at the expiration of the trade agreement, automatically determining the level of payments under the established contract.

Before the transaction, the balance of each side is automatically checked. As a result of successful verification, the platform immediately forwards all parameters to the smart contract LIST for further processing.

Mobile app
With a mobile application from LEVEL01, investors can freely trade derivatives of many assets such as Forex, cryptocurrencies, Commodities, etc.

The application is equipped with many interactive graphs, diagrams, and analysis tools for more advanced users. In addition, the mobile application has a proprietary user interface that makes it simple and effective for peer trading with other investors at the exchanger from LEVEL01.

The application is easily integrated with blockchain Ethereum, which allows investors to finance contracts and trading operations while maintaining full control over their purses.

Token Sale
Dates of ICO: 01.07.2018 – 23.09.2018 of the year
Token name: LVX
Standard: ERC-23
Total number of Issued tokens: 1 200 000 000 LVX
Cost: 1 LVX = 0, 125 USD
Minimum purchase amount: 250 LVX
Maximum Purchase amount: 100 000 LVX
Soft cap: 15 000 000 USD
Hard cap: 75 000 000 USD
Currency accepted: BTC, ETH
Country: Hong Kong

The decentralized LEVEL01 platform aims to ensure transparency and equality of specific user relationships in order to establish a uniform level of trade for both retail and commercial investors.

Website: https://level01.io
Whitepaper: https://level01.io/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/level01_whitepaper_final1-2.pdf
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