Lala World An Ecosystem for migrants and their Unbanked families

Migrants and their families who are not educated in the emerging markets and the border has been suppressed for a long time without access to basic services, financial or other. While the world is turning to the digital super era, this population still prefer cash, because they do not have a digital connection and especially ignorance.
Banks, financial institutions and even local financiers do not participate in this market because they are unable to assess adequately price risk. The lack of a reliable identity system, financial data, an intermediary which is not reliable, zero credit history and the legal system of the unpredictability of further limiting capital available to finance participation at the grassroots level. Uncertainty and limited access to financial products and financing against other cripple individuals, micro-entrepreneurs, small businesses, growth stymies and poverty. Lala World ready to change it.

LALA World (“LALA”) is a healthy ecosystem for the underbanked, starting with the migrants and their families at home. Not only does this ecosystem revolves around the financial inclusion, but also unites communities at the grassroots level, solve real-life problems faced by this population and using the most advanced technology to bring all people all together.

1. LALA Wallet
LALA Wallet is the only access you to all financial services in the ecosystem of LALA. You have many options to top up and cash out, save the fiat currency or various crypto, with a number of financial services such as loans, money transfers, bill payments, cards and other normal banking products at your fingertips. Wallet LALA also lets you share Your micro projects globally, lets you lift the pressing problems that are underbanked and build your own community, thus creating a true Ecosystem that benefits everyone.
The core of this Wallet platform is LALA Tokens that allows transfers and payments without limits for the various transactions and services. Wallet LALA also includes an API for third party developers so they can interact with the Wallet, balance access, send transactions, invoices, and other third party applications made at the top. This will further enhance the capabilities and uses of LALA Wallet. Third party API business models will create more partners who can distribute Services LALA globally to strengthen this network.

2. ID LALA-Global ID, One In Blockchain And Under Your Control
Rationale of Wallet LALA you started with making one digital identity that you can bring your globally-LALA ID. The team at LALA had a vision-to provide a digital identity to everyone on the planet, starting with the migrants and their families are not opinionated. We also believe that if we have to create ecosystems that are truly global, then we need a basic identification system far superior system IDs. It must be global, but remains secure, private and available upon request.
Tim LALA and his partner have been working tirelessly to build a global identity system that includes the KYC/AML, biometric verification, digitization, notes, cards, national ID systems, etc. This protects your security on blockchain and gives you the freedom to do a variety of finance. services, all in one Wallet. Especially the single LALA, ID You will be able to consolidate all physical and digital identity into one secure & private personal identity, pointing to a trusted reliable data sets on individuals, so as to allow individual interaction the easy going on in the physical world and the digital in some vertical applications. and compliment existing identity solution.

3. LALA Transfer
The management team of LALA and his partner is one of the experienced crew has run the payment wallet, money exchange, remittance and business loans for more than 10 years in more than 15 different countries. On top of a solid experience and a great network, we also have built a great crypto-quote “LALA Transfer”, for the efficient remittance services, cheaper and faster globally.
LALA, LALA Wallet ID and LALA Token is a major part of the ecosystem of LALA World. Wallet LALA allows a smooth, onboard ID LALA creates easy verification, KYC/AML and LALA Token provides a single mechanism for users, partners, money transfer agents/operators, to transfer quickly and cheaply into the community in the country as well as across borders.

4. LALA Lends
Peer to peer and micro-lending has experienced a sharp decline in the last five years. But if we look around, especially the developed countries and companies that have developed into a unicorn while the industry has promised to remove poverty, offering loans with low rates to people who historically financially stranded.
The solution is called “bottom-of-the-pyramid” has produced a strategy that many claim is not running and thus make poverty worse. This is where the ecosystem approach became very useful. LALA’s team has extensive experience in reducing this. LALA World supports individuals and small and medium enterprises by exposing it

5. LALA Cards
In LALA Wallet, users can choose to order the virtual debit Card LALA, and/or physical (and credit card time will come). As a security measure, we allow the user lock and unlock key via Application Wallet LALA. Furthermore, users can also set a limit for the members of his family and synchronize all the cards to the same Wallet. This makes our system is more secure than credit and debit card systems.
Blockchain and LALA Tokens became very central to this because a user can customize some of the cards to the same Wallet LALA, which can then be used as a medium of exchange of Fiat and Crypto without incurring high costs for the transfer of the anytime. Furthermore, we will also come up with mechanisms of Loyalty Card associated with LALA, so the more you use a wallet, the more you are rewarded as the holder of the LALA Token

6. LALA Kit
LALA has a unique proposition, especially for areas that don’t have a place where we have developed the MVP hardware for greater penetration. It will also be for sale at the local corner stores, shops and locations of partners in the future.

LALA Kit is for everyone. Small businesses, grocery stores, unbanked or migrant workers. Buy a Kit from the LALA store location or the closest partner and immediate entry into the financial system immediately. There is no integration of bank, no form, no long queue, activate your ID and your phone in sync with, started to use, get paid, receive money. Kit LALA can also be ordered online and shipped directly to you with a very affordable cost. As migrant workers, for example, can even get LALA Kit before he boarded a plane from Bangladesh to Malaysia.


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Members Sankalp Shangari-Founder & CEO
Ranjit Kumar-Chief Revenue Officer
Prakash Somosundram-Strategy and Corporate Development
Ravi Pandit-Head of Remittances
The Jury Kopotko-Chief Technology Officer
Cheng Wei Ng-Legal & Compliance
Advisor ARI Paul-co-founder of BlockTower Capital, Angel Investor
Luke Sully-Hyperledger, Blockchain Expert
Thomas McAlister-Blockchain Magician, BanKoin Reserve Several Patents
Han Kyul Park-X BosCoin, Blockchain Enterpreneur
Ajay Bhatia-Chairman, Innovation Largest Wings Remittance Network
Nitin Bhatia-Director Bridgelink Advisors, Tata Capital

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