KWHCOIN Ecosystem And Cryptocurrency Backed By Units of Clean,Renewable Energy

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KWHCoin is a digital currency backed by the measurement of equivalent kWh output of deliverable network participants. Network participants leverage data, smart meters, sensors and data reading Green Button to generate the output. The result is a tokenized to create digital assets diblockchain. Network participants can then use the token to trade the latest energy digital, without the need of an intermediary or a trusted third party. The purpose of this project is to utilize Blockchain technology using smart contract. Build a complex network which is a virtual clean energy organization. This organization does not have the authority or the form of ownership, however, the network is owned and operated by using the latest technology and innovation. Digital network of distributed energy producers and consumers is known as ‘ The Grid ‘. The box is also the name of a desktop and mobile applications, both open-source database will serve as the transaction participants to energy networks on the platform and as a platform for collaboration is the latest source of energy. KWHCoin is the original token and the medium of exchange for all transactions on the platform, and it is very important to the security and integrity of transactional value for participants of the network.

The purpose of

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All our goal at KWHCoin is based around building and maintaining a strong community with confidence in the project and its mission. To build a strong and active community, we must reach out to all of the forum and the relevant internet site. Specifically: Reddit, Github, Medium, Slack, Facebook, Twitter, and Bitcointalk.

All of our community-based goals can be classified as follows:
● Build network community for fans of kriptocurrency, developer, and hackers through internal channels Slack.
● Building a community for entrepreneurs, bootstrappers, marketing, social, business, and sales
● Building a community for renewable energy, climate change, environmental advocates and energy professionals.
● Built a fun and interactive community of individuals who are socially inspired with the only intention to improve the global quality of life. Delivering next generation

The opportunity for a safe environment
• Build a community of people who want to join and lead, including anyone who is interested to build a decentralized solutions to today’s business problems.
● Building a community strategist and visionary to create a culture of life that is agile and flexible.
● Building a multidisciplinary professional community to provide structure and

Leadership as we develop the project.
Contributors receive a token to add new data to the system, which in turn was purchased by other users. All contributors soon was awarded with the internal credit to add new data to the system. This credit can be spent in the system

In the year 2015, utilities electricity the U.S. spent $103 billion for capital expenditures to maintain and improve the grid. Distributed energy resources can be combinedto provide service to the network power dramatically reduce costs and increase energy efficiency.

KWHCoin solutions is building a network of decentralized energy source by connecting it via the blockchain technology. Energy exports are converted into tokens KWH and transferred to digital wallet users on energy trading applications of peer-to-peer-The Grid

KWHCoin token model
Image results for kwh coin icoToken KWHCoin will consist of data distributed energy sources which are not divided from beberapasumber to generate tokens using the following model:
· Energy Efficient Token
· Energy Storage Token
· Motor Vehicle Token
· Query Token Request
· Token Mikrogrid
· Combined heat and Power Token
· Token Of Humanity

Distribution Of KWHCoin

A total of KWHCoin supply and level of issuance will be determined by the scale of the asset created, based on the sharing of distributed energy sources. The results below are subject

to change based on final input from the Board:
● KWHCoins 195 million will be created to start the energy peer-to-peer networks are decentralized in this economy
● KWHCoins 19.5 million will be used to fund the construction of microgrids and development off the grid technology in Africa, Puerto Rico, South America, Southeast Asia and the Caribbean
● 50 million KWHCoins to founder and partnerships with organizations of the social impact to build sustainable local economies
● 101,169,000 KWHCoins will be announced publicly at the end of January for the Initial Public Offerings of coins.

Statement: KWHCoin currently working on final arrangements for the development of decentralized Application with many partners to develop a comprehensive application to handle the estimated transaction volume from the platform. More detailed technical analysis will be published prior to the ICO in the white paper is revised it will include details of the technical application

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