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KRYPTOIN – Investments in the required assets give the right rewards. Market participants know that the market is a constantly changing object. For example, the stock market is constantly evolving because modern technologies and new rules are introduced. One of the most popular investment tools in recent decades is ETF (stock tickers). They are very similar to stocks, meaning that they can be sold all day long. Basic assets differ significantly, such as indexes, stocks, bonds, or commodities. This has become more than a trillion dollar market. Many countries have different rules and regulations for market management.

But lately, the market has got too many complex products that compel investors to confuse. The centralized nature of the operation also complicates the management of products and investors. Another problem in the market is the presence of brokers and mediators. The Kryptovalta was a strong revolution in the last couple of years. But there is a shortage of financial products that can be used by the merchants of Cryptoalyta and investors. The launch of ETF for Cryptoalyalno Market-is an exciting journey for investors. Do you think we can create ETF as the traditional market for the cryptocurrency market?

The decision was proposed
Kryptoin builds Krypto-ETF based on the technology of the blocks. The platform provides an easy experience of investors with Crypto analysis. Token cryptology, created on a platform based on the block-diagram Ethereum. The program of the mega-purse is created on a platform where users can register. There are different levels that can be cleaned in accordance with different requirements. The first ETF-index of the ten largest crop cultures already running on the platform. Kryptoin Another type of index on the platform includes Kryptoin ICO 100 and Kryptoin anonymous 10.

To avoid easy trading experience on the platform, the robotic consultants are launched, which manage users with different functions on the platform. Using an artificial technology, robotic consultants will help investors in choosing the optimal risk portfolio, which consists of various indicators with different ratios of shares, bonds, and goods. They perform a model assembly, not a commission model.

ICO Info & Team
1,798,043 KRP tokens are created on the platform. 60% of tokens are distributed among the public. The previous set of tokens begins on September 1, 2018. Registration for it is now on the platform. 95% of funds are used in the acquisition of assets. The team working on the platform has experience in the sphere of business and technology.

Kryptoin – To compensate for the instability of cryptments, they also have a balancing model that automatically compensates the investor’s portfolio. Overall, they have unique and newest instruments for investors with the ecosystem of transparency and reliability. They represent a new instrument for investors with cryptments that are concerned about the instability of the market. The use of technology technologies and technology blocks will help ensure the safety of platforms and services for customers. There are many things that can become wrong on the platform.

But, as we know, for the first time there will be some mistakes. These opportunities are huge for investors, and it is for them they choose to invest in it, taking into account the time and scale of the market. Despite the high variability, he has seen constant investment investors. People traded Kryptovalon on stock exchanges. What do you think of the services offered by the platform? Will you invest the money in the Exchange fund of the fund to cryptographic currency?


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