Kryptobits Uses Blockchain Technology to Solve the Problems of Traditional Banks

Kryptobits – As long as our overcome Egyptians are at the World Cup, we’ll talk about the crisis. The global financial crisis has been going on for almost 10 years. What’s that talking about? That the global financial and banking system is outdated and requires urgent adjustment. I recently spoke about the financial system in the previous article, so let’s stop at the banks now.

What problems does the banking system experience?
First, banks are now heavily tied to loans. The majority now “piling” in credits in order to buy a car, make repairs in the apartment, or connect with a mortgage in order to have “own” housing. As a result, people “sell” themselves into slavery to banks, and banks at the expense of it and live. People with envy peeping on those who do not have a single loan. The credit and financial system is essentially slavery of the 20-21 century. Right, why do people stick to drive to work, if you can offer a “coin”, and then create the conditions under which it for the sake of a vitally necessary purchase (apartment, essentials), he will go to the bank and make a loan for interest? As a result, half of the salary would go to the bank’s pocket. And in banking slavery fall not only ordinary people, and whole firms, organizations, because they are also offered to make a loan for the business.
The first problem is the most global. But there are more “everyday” problems.

Therefore the second problem is a problem of high commissions at transfers, withdrawal of money. Especially abroad when using the services of the “local” bank. Now some banks are especially biker, taking the Commission even for internal transfers when sending to the neighboring region of the country (for example Sberbank). The speed of remittances, especially international, is also often affected. As a result, money transfers are expensive and long.
There is a third “worldly”, but no less serious problem is the honesty of banks. Some private banks at registration of contracts on an opening of accounts, registration of credits and other operations write the contract in such a way that from the client are taken hidden commissions, assign a penalty for petty “misconducts “, use other methods schemes To weaning money from people.
The fourth problem. There is a certain risk of closing the bank with a loss of deposit. In Russia, of course, the Law on Deposit insurance is prescribed, i.e. when the bank closes, Sberbank pays the insurance amount of the deposit up to 700 thousand rubles. But nevertheless, there was a challenger when one of the owners of a private bank in Samara declared bankruptcy disappeared along with the money Their depositors.
All this speaks about the necessity of reforming the banking system and in the whole world. I have given examples only in a particular country. And after all, such things exist everywhere.
Ten years ago, the blockchain technology came to light. And together with it a lot of ideas and projects using this technology. I will talk about the idea of creating a bank on Blokchejne. It is not new, but each has its own peculiarities.

The company Kryptobits decided to implement this idea. The main slogan of the company is a bank without banks. i.e. everything is transparent, honest and without intermediaries.
Bank Kryptobits will perform the same functions as ordinary banks. And exactly also to give out credits, deposits, money transfers and other.
But how will it work? Before answering this question, first I will tell about tokens created by the command on the basis of Jefiriuma on the protocol erc20. The bank will be involved in two coins: Karto coin and Karto Steps. The platform will be built on its own blockchain Kartochain, created on the basis of blockchain  Now the company conducts ICO, during which you can buy tokens at the price of $0.06 per piece.

Kartocoin will be the main currency in the bank. Investing in it, customers will enjoy all the advantages of performing transactions (discounts, bonuses). Also, it will be publicly available for exchange on other currencies
Karto Steps is cryptocurrency. Its task is to ensure the execution of smart contracts and applications. This is done to ensure that all bank transactions are performed independently of the main currency exchange rate.

Money transfers will be made in absolutely any currency, either crypto or FIATNOJ, taking advantage of Kartocoin. Transfers will be performed with a small commission, using smart contracts and tracking systems.

In Kartocoin you can make a loan with very low interest rates. Blockchain technology will ensure honesty and openness of contracts (smart contract technology). No cheating and cheating.
The bank will release its own credit and debit Kriptokartu Viza and Mastercard, with the help of which the same can make purchases and withdraw cash at ATMs. The cards will be issued by Montbrun Capital’s legal company, automatically using the API with the exchanger and kartocoin.

As I’ve said before. Now Kryptobits spends its ICO, during which you can invest by acquiring Tokenykartocoin. It will be conducted in 4 stages. With the move to the next stage, the price of tokens will increase. The presale stage was over, during which you could buy tokens at a price of $0.05 apiece. Now, during the first stage the price Tokenasostavila $0.06, and at this price it will be bargained until June 25. Then, the second and third stage, the duration of each month. This way the ICO will end in late August. And the price increase with each transition will make 0.02 bucks, so in the end, the cost will be $0.1.
Let’s summarize. Now there are many ideas and projects on Blokchejne. Most of them are in one way or another aimed at improving the credit and financial system, or it is Kriptobirzha. Why do many people move in this direction? It is the most realized and perspective. For example, the Binance exchange was conducted by ICO just a year ago, and now it is one of the largest systems. Everyone knows the coin ripple, and after all, it was specially created for banks, and many banks successfully use it. Looking at such examples it is safe to say that Kriptobank kryptobits will be successful. Yes, he knows little about him now, but the development is fast moving forward. So let’s see



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