KRIOS – Decentralized Marketing Campaign Management Platform

KRIOS – Get a really effective and high-quality advertising campaign, which would immediately target a certain audience and start to bring profit-it is quite a complex and costly event. That is why at some point the team of well-known specialists in marketing circles decided to drastically change this situation. That is why the new Krios platform was created. It is represented by a standard Web application and a convenient mobile application, which will be used by various companies that want to increase sales, attract the target audience and at the same time reduce the cost of such activities.

The Krios platform is a kind of partner network. It allows you to manage campaigns and also includes blockchain technology, which enables businesses and organizations to communicate with professionals who provide such services.

The project was also created to unite the right branches. That is, business owners, as well as marketers, will be able to directly influence the target in the advertising campaign.
What was the project called Krios for? First of all, its goal is to create a platform, which can be used by various startups or undeveloped small companies, who want to learn and apply the functionality of digital marketing. This platform can also be used by large corporations if they see that their marketing policies do not yield the expected result.
In addition, Krios can be called the Union of the economic component and powerful tool, KRIOS which is characterized by ease of use, but at the same time has a unique scale potential.

First of all, the platform is aimed at attracting influential people. These can be managers, analysts, consultants, key figures in the media and many other specialists. It will involve the influence of social networks, AFFINIROVANNYJ marketing, and many other tools that allow solving the problems of the successful promotion of a single product or the whole company.

Road Map
The first quarter of this year provides for the sale of tokens. Also in the given period, the beta-testing of the presented platform will be started. At the same time, developers plan to implement a mobile application, and tokens will be represented by at least one third-party resource.
Second quarter 2018 – Launch of Krios Network. Also in the given period the algorithms of conformity which unite companies and experts in the field of marketing will be optimized.

KRIOS A loyalty program is planned for the third quarter. It will be fully optimized and versatile for all advertisers who want to create powerful and high-quality marketing solutions. In addition, such a loyalty program will show the level of customer satisfaction with the services of a certain specialist. Other organizations will be able to see such reviews to form their opinion about the performer and to get an overall picture of the performance of his services.
In the fourth quarter, it is planned to increase the user base while offering participants with several levels of affiliated options. It is also possible to grant permission to performers to provide combined services with a certain discount on the individual budget amount of each of them.

For 2019, it is planned to combine various user capabilities so that they can buy advertising space on third-party resources using Krios tokens. User ratings will also be implemented.

ICO Krios
ICO Company includes several stages. presale already held in November last year. During the first quarter of 2018, the main sale is held between January 8 and February 16. During the whole period, the developers plan to sell 500 mln. Krioscoin tokens from a total of 650 million. The remaining 150 mln. will be distributed to the team of developers as well as to investors. A significant part will be directed to the marketing campaigns of the project itself. The cost of one token is 0.10 USD. It can also be purchased for ethers or bitcoins.

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