KORA Infrastructure for Inclusive Financial Systems

KORA NETWORK  is a global financial service infrastructure that has the aim to connect everyone, people and money in one ecosystem by offering financial services to its users through SMS or USSD and without in perlukannya internet connection. So people who live in remote areas and away from an internet connection can use Kora Network products and services. Or in other words, everyone in the world without exception are able to access the products and services it doesn’t have though Kora smartphone and away from an internet connection. And this will be very helpful for many people who are unbanked living without internet access, especially in financial services.

As we already know SMS is Short Message Service is a short message that does not require an internet connection, whereas USSD Unstructured Supplementary Service Data is a special protocol is used for communication from the mobile phone service provider to the service provider concerned. USSD services are now only found on the GSM mobile operator which is commonly used to perform a user request or pull specific information on the part of the operator with the specified format. And from SMS and USSD technology with supported technologies blockchain, Kora Network can make a product to provide financial services for the convenience of people all over the world especially the unbanked people away from the internet connection and stays Inland/remote areas.

How does Kora. network?
The way things work and adoption of Kora Network will be easier because in the operation of these products and services do not require an internet connection and a smartphone, so users don’t have to understand about the higher technology and also do not have to understand what is blockchain technology and also do not have to understand about the English language. In need only basic phone/mobile phones that can receive and send SMS, and certainly almost all people in the world have basic phone including people living in remote areas, such as farmers, ranchers, and others. The blockchain technology in use can help global and transparent transactions, so that wherever the user is able to use Kora Network. In addition, Kora Network low transaction fee imposed to users compared other financial services.

What is the purpose of Kora Network and the problem of what it wants 
As the above explanation more than 2 billion people are still in a State of unbanked/away from financial services such as hard it is to borrow money and receive money from friends and family or others from great distances. And of course if they cannot access the financial services, then the economic life, and levels of health and education being low. In addition, according to the World Bank more than 1.5 billion people in this world do not have official ID/Identity so as not to allow them to make bank accounts and obtain financial services from banking. And see how many people are unbanked in the world, needed a solution for them so that in the presence of Blockchain technology and solutions Kora Network will solving them and reduce their financial burden.

Some of the destination Network are: Kora
Provide financial services universally for everyone in this world, especially those who are unbanked and away from an internet connection who live in remote areas.
Kora Network have low transaction costs so as to provide convenience and advantages for its users.
Facilitate the adoption of the use of the product and its service, everyone can understand easily because Kora Network products and services do not require a smartphone to connect to the internet, just a regular mobile phone which can be used to receive and send SMS.
Many people still think that financial centralized service from a Bank is not safe, so they prefer not to have a bank account. And with the Kora Network then people like this can be helpful for getting a higher security.
People who do not have access to financial services from banking on when in need of money, was forced to borrow to moneylenders/middleman who enact the interest is high and in the end they weren’t able to afford it. So with this, Kora Network be one solution for obtaining a loan with safe and costs cheaper.
Kora Network will be ecosystem that enables their earning money and financial services better, faster and cheaper costs.

Who team and co-founder of Kora Network?
Team and co-founder of Kora Network consists of some people who already have a lot of experience in the field of financial services and technology blockchain, they are Dickson Nsofor as CEO & co-founder, Maomao Hu as COO & co-founder, Foluso Ogunlana as the Blockchain Developer. And many more team and advisor to the other, all of which can be viewed on their website.

Details Of ICO/Token Sale Kora Network
ICO: Presale START: 5 March 2018. March 25, 2018, ICO primary: March 26, 2018
The NAME TOKEN: Kora Network
MINIMUM PURCHASE: $5000 (Presale), No Minimum (ICO).

Website: https://kora.network
Whitepaper: https://kora.network/downloads/Kora%20White%20Paper.pdf
Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/thekoranetwork?_rdc=1&_rdr
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Kora_Network
Telegram: https://t.me/kora_network
Bounty : https://bountyhive.io/browse/Kora%20Network

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