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KlickZie – Tautachrome is a company actively developing in the sector of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies, as well as working with augmented reality technology. The company develops its own solutions aimed at sharing with existing patented projects in the field of recognition of environmental objects with the help of a smartphone, interaction in social networks, as well as monetization Augmented reality technology.

Tautachrome launches its own cryptocurrency – KLK standard ERC-20 token, which will be used for calculations within the Klikzie ecosystem. By using these tokens, platform participants can also buy and sell digital products. Blockchain technology and crypto-currency economic model are used to provide fast transactions, increase the security of users, as well as for transparency of all actions within the ecosystem.

The company develops patented technologies under its own brand “Klickzie Technologies”. The result of the development of these technologies is the finished product in the form of two mobile applications: Klickzie Ark (arknet) and Klickzie Imagery. Both platforms use cryptocurrency transactions on the basis of their work.

Let’s consider what the Klickzie platform can be useful for us and how it can be used. The applications listed above enable us to create digital products that use the KLK ecosystem to generate revenue, namely:

Klizkzie Ark gives users the maximum opportunity to use blockchain technology. Sellers and buyers will be able to enter transactions quickly and securely, wherever they are in the world.
Klickzie Activated Imagery allows users to independently evaluate the value of their images, which we still download for free in social networks.
The Klickzie platform allows sellers of goods and services to deploy augmented reality interfaces, which consist of digital information owned by the seller. KlickZie This information advertises the products and simplifies the process of selling them using the geographical labels of the Ark interface. The Ark points themselves are easy to deploy and operate around the world. The technology used for photo processing embeds in Files special tags, which later users interact with objects of the surrounding reality. Similarly, these labels establish ownership rights to the photographs taken and allow the author to participate in the monetization of his digital information using the functions of Klickzie Activated Imagery.

In simple terms, the Klickzie Activated Imagery platform interacts with the users ‘ smartphones on the following principle: Users can simultaneously use the same images, which are scanned by verifying the right Property.

Once users have registered in the app, they can immediately start buying and selling their digital images. The purpose of this application is to allow people to start earning from the photos they make, as well as to protect photographers and users using the application or-or participating in the distribution of images.

KlickZie Users download the free Klickzie app to their mobile phone. Klickzie technology activates photos and videos created in the process of using the application by means of background marking of files. A small piece of metadata is embedded in each file that is created, and the information in the Klickzie cloud goes into it.

As for the benefits of using. It is no secret that today media space publishes a huge number of fake and unreliable news. It is done as knowingly consciously, pursuing any own goals, or unconsciously when journalists do not bother to check the information on a superficial level. The same method that the Klickzie team develops adds new useful features to the familiar photo and video files. The creation, modification, and processing of tagged content are tracked by Klickzie services throughout the life cycle of the images. Now any news accompanied by a photo or video material can be immediately checked for authenticity.

KlickZie First of all, the project should interest those who are engaged in photography, video, graphic design, and everything that is connected with photo and video images. Second of all, it concerns each of us, because using the services Klickzie we will always be in a reliable information field.

Mentioned earlier service Ark will be interesting and useful to any user because now anyone can use his smartphone to get important information, interacting with the objects of the world. For example, while touring a strange city, we will be able to learn about monuments or architectural buildings in our native language. Or we can learn the translation of the contents of tablets and pointers. Going to the museum and bringing the camera smartphone to the exhibits, we can get detailed and interesting information about them.

Website: https://klickzie.io
Website : https://www.tautachrome.com
WhitePaper : https://klickzie.io/pdf/klk-whitepaper.pdf
Facebook  : https://www.facebook.com/Tautachrome
LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/company/tautachrome
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Tautachrome_Inc
Telegram : https://t.me/klickzie

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