KIRIK – Today the use of artificial intelligence allows to modernize various industries. Computers can be much more efficient and better able to perform any activity that is related to the calculations or obtaining certain information. They work quickly and practically unmistakable, which enables to establish the activity of modern enterprises. Automation of production has substantially the pressure on workers because many understand-soon machines will be able to perform a huge amount of work instead of people. Using smart software allows you to effectively and quickly solve almost any problem. People may lose their jobs – some enterprise has already partially automated their activity and the process will only progress.

The use of artificial intelligence capabilities allows modernizing the activities of many industries. For example, medicine, transport servants, call-centers, delivery. Computers show themselves more effective and pragmatic – which makes the need for human labor force not so great.

The decision of these problems can become a decentralized project Kirik, whose developers have conducted many studies to understand the peculiarities of such a rapid and ruthless technological progress.

Features of Semantic protocol Kirik
Semantic models that allow excluding the stage of programming, which requires huge experience and understanding of subjects. Such models will be open for the introduction of artificial intelligence and other innovations but will become easier for users. The project Kirik is a bridge between artificial intelligence and human brains. Using existing templates will allow you to easily and qualitatively create contracts.

A few basic benefits of getting users Kirik It is worth to highlight key factors: A person will be able to control the business processes independently. This approach allows you to qualitatively monitor the company’s activity without trusting the work of computers. At any moment it is possible to make corrections, taking into account own advantages and peculiarities of the company’s development.

Modeling will take into account the features of the selected industry to provide all the possibilities for the introduction of artificial intelligence and other innovations. Programming-a narrow specialty that requires people to experience and understand tools. Modeling-A great opportunity to connect the most employees to the process, which can effectively perform the tasks, using this functional decentralized platform Kirik.

Personal data will be securely protected from outside interference. The developers of Kirik are doing their best to protect users from fraudulent schemes. Computational power is constantly improving-there are new computers that reduce the safety of data that use old encryption capabilities. But thanks to Kirik, this problem will be effectively solved-all information is securely protected by the block, as well as intellectual contracts. Managers, as well as lawyers, will be able to work more effectively with contracts. They are not experts in the segment of programming, so need simple but effective solutions that can provide a decentralized platform Kirik.

Intellectual contracts will become an important part of the existing business environment. They help to eliminate the shortcomings that exist in the centralized services. That is why developers Kirik believe that they will be able to attract investors to their project.

Why using smart contracts is justified
Today, the conclusion of standard contracts is often associated with huge risks-lawyers are able to find a variety of loopholes to deceive the participants of the agreement. But the application of intellectual contracts eliminates the issue of fraud-all conditions will be immediately recorded in the block, non-compliance with items will result in a cancellation of the transaction and refund. Intellectual contracts are an excellent alternative to existing cooperation between the parties.

The development team of the decentralized platform Kirik offers a truly promising idea. A lot of well-known specialists from different branches worked on the project, they managed to find a perfect solution that allows establishing cooperation between participants of the business process. In this case, Kirik allows simple users to perform all necessary actions, without the use of artificial intelligence.

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