KEPLER  is a network technology that powered by Blockchain. This network aims to create a global market platform for robotics and high technology investment through a transparent and decentralized portal which is controlled and managed by the investors. Kepler will offer investors a unique investment opportunity through symbolic assets through analysis, the science data and predictive algorithms.

Kepler solves one of the major challenges the amazing human being – the technological revolution. Supported by a team of key scientists, Kepler will produce ultra-modern technology, makes it easily accessible, and creates a platform for the scientific and technical breakthroughs in the future.

In addition to Robotics and AI solutions that are valuable, Kepler’s main goal is to create a system of distribution of wealth locally through breakthrough technologies that will shape the future of mankind, robotics.

Imagine that the Internet’s creators have decided to share the wealth creation mechanism with the world, let it only be in the hands of an institutional organization that focuses on the collection of personal wealth.
If the Internet becomes chain blocks, distributed and distributed, consider the users using their own data.

Kepler Technology is committed to developing a social network that is fair, simple and reliable who helped transform innovative ideas into reality by encouraging people around the world to collaborate.

The Advantage Of The Kepler Project
Mia is a block-based assistant will continue to use our decentralized network. MIA is designed and developed to help users in their daily activities, including shopping through a system of integrated permits wallet transactions executed based on verbal commands.
Kepler has also developed smart vacuum cleaners, shopping cart, security drones and other intelligent devices that do not require user control. Kepler ICO is real-valued brand sales in the real world. This asset contain fixed and
The other main benefit of this project is the support and sponsors that have been collected from both the public and private sectors.
Pre-ICO had begun some time ago, namely from 1 February 2018 while a major sales event will take place starting on March 1, 2018. Other events as described in the Roadmap would be appropriate, then.
Time doesn’t wait for anyone. Grab the opportunity before other people do it, get it KEP token or the terms/conditions of the offer,

In total, 201.5 million KEP tokens created by the developer ecosystem. During the Pre-ICO, 5,000 CEP will be sold with a bonus of 30%, whereas in stage 1 ICO Level 11, 500,000 CEP will be given a bonus of 15%. 16, 500, 000 CEP will be available with a bonus 10% during phase 2, while 21 million ICO CEP will be offered to the public with a bonus of 5% during the ICO 3. The final stage of the ICO is 21, 500,000 have no bonus KEP. The sale of Tokens made in two currencies, Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereal (ETH). Offer token total was 250 million bonus CEP + 7,000,000. The USD yield 1 KEP, which means investors receive $1 in return, 0.8 KEP. 1 token price = $1.25 the amount to be raised is $250 million.
Tokens are sold in two different currencies, Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereal (ETH). Bidding tokens total bonus is 250,000, 000 CEP + 7 million. 1 USD 1 PEM, which means investors receive 0.8 $1 KEP.
1 the price of a token = $1.25

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