IQeon represents an infrastructure that will allow the integration of games

IQeon The rapid growth in the number of mobile devices will certainly cause an increase in the number of mobile applications and gaming users. According to Newzoo 2017 Global Mobile Market Report, early in 2017, the number of smartphone users exceeded 2.3 billion, or 31% of the total world population. In the year 2020, this figure will reach 3.6 billion. Mobile game market is the largest in the global gaming market segment and by early 2017, it is 42% ($45.7 billion) and by the year 2020, the share of applications and mobile games will grow to 50% and in terms of monetary will amount to $62.3 billion.

IQeon is a gaming platform PvP decentralized, allowing real player money (fiat) over their achievement.
IQeon is an infrastructure that enables the integration of games, applications and services based on intelligent competition between users, as well as applications and services for motivation.
The name “IQeon” was not chosen by chance and is a combination of two concepts. Part of the name of “IQ” implies a common abbreviation of the term “intelligence quotient”. Part of the name “Eon” is a concept of the philosophy of ancient Greece, which means the times, eternity, generation. Both of these concepts reflect the worldview project, which, in the modern era of innovation, in fact have human intelligence as the driving force which guides the progress of mankind.

IQeon is the first platform where players can earn money thanks to intelligence and their accomplishments. This will be realized by using an internal currency in IQeon ecosystems, which at any time can be converted into the currency of the crypto-token IQeon (IQN) issued on the basis of blockchain Ethereum. IQeon (IQN) tokens can be exchanged for free in Exchange for existing crypto, or transferred to fiat money.

IQeon team developed a flexible and scalable platform for the rapid launch of a new product that lets players compete in a variety of tasks between them in an intelligent and logical, received an internal currency IQeon for best results.

The other direction for the development of the platform IQeon is the application of motivation. This direction is very important in the field of education, sports, and adherence to a healthy lifestyle. Often people do not have enough inner motivation to learn certain material, or force myself to run in the morning, or lose a few pounds.

Blockchain technology guarantees reliability and anonymity of all payment transactions in the system IQeon, and IQeon (IQN) token itself in accordance with standard ERC20, which makes it compatible with wallet and currency exchanges existing crypto, and allows easy integration into variations. products and solutions.

Fully supported by blockchain ethereum, smart contract mechanism, based on the token issued, IQeon will give the statutes and the reliability condition every competition (bets), as well as a guarantee of victory.

Advantages Platform To Game Developer/Content
The infrastructure is ready for the introduction of payment based on kriptocurrency to the product itself.
The use of the token IQeon is consistent with the guidelines for review of the App Store and the Google Developers Play Policy.
Cost reduction of withdrawal cost developers (from 30% of Google’s Play and the Apple Store to 10%).
Additional gaming audience to your own products.
Quick integration API allows your product into the existing ecosystem.
SDK for rapid deployment of new applications based on the platform of IQeon.

The Advantages Of A Platform For Players
Generic. IQeon internal currency, gained in one match, can be used in one other game.
Liquidity. Use wallet platform itself IQeon token can be exchanged with fiat money.
Conversion. By using a lot of exchange of cardiac IQeon, token crypto can be exchanged for a currency other crypto (litecoin, ethereum, bitcoin, etc.).
Reliability. Thanks to blockchain technology, all the transaction token IQeon in the ecosystem are non-refundable; They repeatedly recorded in the list of transactions is decentralized, and therefore protected from counterfeiting and any type of fraud. The use of smart contracts ensure that the terms and conditions of each dispute note and don’t change and guarantee the payment of winnings.
Anonymity. Platform IQeon allows players remain anonymous.
The Advantages Of The Platform For Investors
Games and applications for the development of the self shows rapid growth, and the IQeon platform is the first solution in this field allowing the player receives income in the form of liquid currency crypto.
The partnership developed systems, involvement of third-party developers in the ecosystem IQeon and expansion of its product line alone will generate growth among users and the increase in demand will be the token IQeon.
This fact must ensure the growth of the value of the IQeon token, which can be purchased at the lowest price during the period Crowdsale.

IQeon API provides a set of methods and interfaces for interaction of all elements of the platform.
Blockchain IQeon control subsystem. Implement a service interaction with Ethereal block. This records the transaction with the use of the IQN to block, transmit, and interact with smart contracts.
This is the IQeon web application portal platform. This section contains information (a description of the platform, blogs, documentation) and personal account users and developers.
The user can, through their personal account, linking an application to their account, making a purchase, transfer, exchange of the IQN for crypto-currency and fiat money that is available.
IQeon web application Developers can get the API key for their application, register a new application on the platform, looking at the statistics for the accrual of remuneration, and swapping the IQN for a currency that is available through their personal account. In addition, private accounts service replicates application IQeon purse to the web service.
IQeon Wallet Whether applications (iOS, Android), which allows the user issued a debit card after verifying and swap the IQN for fiat money (and vice versa).
IQeon SDK is a tool developed to expand the creation of games and new applications based on the scenario and the mechanism of the game.
IQ Clash. Is a set of methods and interfaces for the development of agile and integration games and applications based on the scenario of the game room into the platform.
Game services. & Games and applications that exist thanks to the API can be integrated into the platform IQeon. This will allow the existing game to utilize the platform in full and use the IQeon token in the gameplay.

Wallet ethereum & digital currency exchanger. Token IQeon in accordance with ERC20 standards. This means initially compatible with etereum wallet and can be freely transferred from one address to another address. In addition, this standard provides the token generic and technical compatibility for further additions to stock trading and exchange for crypto-exchange currency stock service on the crypto online.

Token IQeon (IQN)
Token IQeon will be released based on the platform of the Ethereum and fully compliant with the standard ERC20 *. Support this standard ensures compatibility with third-party service token (wallet, bursa, lists, etc.), and provides an easy integration.
Details Of The Sale Of Tokens
Schedule Token Sales January 30-March 13, 2018
The Purchase Token Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin
The price of a Token IQN 325/1 ETH
Bonus 5%-30%
A total of 10 million Tokens Supply IQN

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