IPSX – The Distributed Network Layer

IP EXCHANGE – IP telecommunications interconnection model exchange is for the exchange of IP based traffic between customers separate mobile and fixed operators as well as other types of service providers such as ISPs, IP-based network to Network interfaces. IPX is developed by the GSM Association. IPX is not intended to replace or compete with the Internet however offer alternative options for service providers. The intent of IPX-based service is to provide IP-based interoperability between all types of service providers in a commercial framework that enables all parties in the value chain to receive a commercial return. Commercial relationship is sustained with a service level agreement that guarantees performance, quality and security.

IPSX is Sharing IP Marketplace that is completely decentralized, that will create a global market for IP. Coupled with the flexible tools (SDK and API), to help entrepreneurs and developers in a secure and transparent environment for developing new applications on top of an already existing IP in IPSX sharing platform. This will be the framework and the market for new applications that require IP VPN providers in their backbone, Data Mining, software bot trap web, micro-tasks, etc.

The IP’s are required for the actors involved in the process of mining in order to perform the task. By lowering the price of IP substantially and solve the problem of accessibility and availability of IP, IPSX aims to be a key ecosystem for all fields that need is greater. or a smaller volume of IP and allow complex applications of Data Mining and other fields became more accessible to everyone.

The use of BlockChain Technology advantages:
-Integrating cross platform client
-Create a market where the demand for IP services offer to meet
-Share or rent IP using a time frame or price special filters or GeoLocation or Protocol
-Manage a micropayments Protocol ETH and smart contracts
-Make a note of all the “deals” (IP share owner/client) at blockchain.
As the end user, you can install the application on the device and distribute IP devices within a few seconds on the platform sharing IP or rent existing IP platform IPSX. As a data center, you can share a wide range of unused IPS in IPSX platform. IPSX ecosystem will be structured on three main layers: layer blockchain layer, and layer VPN connection. Each of these layers will be described in a very granular level in design documents.

Our product features
1. the decentralized Blockchain System based fully automated and decentralized, with a clearing full of coins hooking rates and distribution based on supply and demand of IP.
2. Privacy and security
Increased privacy and security and also bypass censorship or other restrictions by accessing IP real time from all over the world, and use it for a short time like 5 seconds up to one full month.
3. Internal Economy
You will be able to share the IP address of your device or as a DataCenter to share unused IP range to get benchmarks IPSX FIAT real-time which can be transferred securely (all connections are logged in blockchain).
4. Integration

SDK and API integration Advanced: as providers of VPN, You will be able to integrate your system with the SDK so that your clients choose millions of IPs from all over the world.
IPSX is token on the platforms Wireshark. Design application of standard token adopted widely. This makes it easy to use management solution include Etereum Wallet.
Token Name: IPSX
The Token Type: ERC20
This makes it easy to use management solution include Etereum Wallet. The maximum number of tokens that were created during the period of crowdfunding (updated on 29 January 2018):
-Total Token: 1 800 000 000 (100%)
-Full participants: 900 000 000 (50%)
-Incentives to early adopters and strategic partner 495,000 000 (27.5%)
-Bounty campaign: 45 000 000 (2.5%)
-Team and strategic partners: 360,000 (20%)

Website :https://ip.sx
Whitepaper: https://ip.sx/dist/Whitepaper-IPSX-05.pdf
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