IOVO ICO: Internet Of Value Omniledger DAG

Iovo – Hello, world! Today I would like to tell you about such a project on blockchain as Iovo-Internet of value omliledger-Internet value of personal data (translation is not quite literal, but it reflects the essence).

The Iovo project has a unique concept and plans to create the world’s first global decentralized database, which will store a huge amount of analytical information. In this case, all users, whose data will be placed in Iovo, will fully control the level of their confidentiality and be able to receive compensation for the use of information about themselves by third parties. But let us first understand the situation with the storage and placement of human personal data in our days, which was the reason that prompted the authors of the Iovo platform to start developing and implementing their blockchain project.

No Data privacy
Today, our information about payments, insurances, accounts and other financial and near-financial activities is controlled by several companies that use it for their own purposes without our permission. Companies that collect our data use it for analytics and improving their business processes, thereby earning millions and not providing any compensation to us for it.

But any of our words, whether written or spoken orally, has its own weight. Certain companies can easily extract their personal benefits from our data.

With this problem and decided to fight the creators of Iovo, applying for this all the capabilities that provide the technology of block chains (blockchain).
How the Iovo platform works

The Iovo system itself will not collect any information, but it will be a platform for creating and consolidating Dapps-decentralized applications based on the blockchain, which will collect user data and store it in the Iovo database.

The advantage is that every person involved in the activities of Iovo and his partners will know what information is available on it, where it is stored, by whom and how it is used. Moreover, each person will be able to dispose of their data as he wants and fully manage the level of access to them. You will be able to hide your information from the analysis by specific companies or all at once. And if you give permission to use, you will receive a reward in the form of cryptocurrency tokens platform Iovo. You will be able to determine the level of this reward yourself, and companies that want to use them will have to play according to your conditions and pay for your personal information the price you wish.

In turn, the Iovo platform will also be useful for analysts and other professionals, who will be valuable to your information and need to obtain certain knowledge, revealed from the regularity of personal data of many people.
After all, all information about counterparties, which are interesting to them, will be contained in one place, carefully recorded and structured, with a fully known history of changes, which is recorded in the logs Iovo and which is not possible to forge in the future. To gather analytical data, companies will no longer have to conduct surveys of people, make inquiries to different authorities, to obtain data. Everything will be simple and convenient provided on Iovo in the form of convenient DAG schedule and tables. At the same time, they will reward everyone, to whose information they somehow touched.

And the creators and owners of decentralized DAPPS data collection applications will be able to receive large streams of customers through collaboration with a global project such as the Iovo platform.

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