INVOX FINANCE A Decentralised Invoice Financing Solution For a Connected World

Invox Finance – is a decentralized financial Platform which allows sellers, buyers, investors and service providers more directly connect, interact, and share in the distribution of information. where the financial Platform invox will grant access to the seller are directly to individual investors and this is something new in the field of loan that is a peer to peer will obviously benefit the seller and the buyer. the sellers can get a financing facility with a low interest rate when compared to conventional financiers who had been there.

investors will be given access to different types of investment in the form of financial products, but for the most part inib saʿat available for banking products and services company financing. invox platforms try to present information about investment products loans to investors that consists of fragments of loans from many kinds of business.
Invox Finance partnership with SelfKey a platform for safe and comfortable identity built above a large book distributed technologies. where the consumer can take control of and manage their digital identities safely. While service providers can implement the system of KYC (Know Your Customer) and standard compliance.

This partnership will allow the buyer to register token diplatform Invox Finance. the token for the sale will be held will also implement a system of KYC, in addition SelfKey will become a company partner who collaborates with Invox Finance for the KYC process will apply to sellers, buyers, and investors. as we already know KYC-Chain as a co-founder of the SelfKey Foundation have also previously worked together with Standard Chartered Bank (Hongkong) as a partner of FinTech Accelerator 2.0 and Acenture FinTech Lab in the program guidance for 12 weeks they worked.
Invox Finance and Selfkey collaborate and support each other for identity verification service and sale of tokens and continue to provide services for identity and compliance are decentralized to the loan invoice-based platform uses peer to peer.

Invox Finance token Sales program
The core of the project this is Finance Invox Invox Token is a token utility to enjoy all the services that exist in the platform Invox Finance. with the symbol token: INVOX, and berstandarisasi ERC20 dijaringan Ethereum, this token Prices pegged to the ETH 0.0001 per 1 token INVOX with application distribution system for 14 days after the program expired token sales.
Invox in project Finance will also held a sales program. where is in progress now is a program by administering Presale bonus token purchases as below

For the 15th of March until 24 March 2018 given bonus 30%
For April 15, until April 16, 2018 is given a bonus of 20%
to date 17 April until 19 April 2018 given bonus 10%
to April 20 and ended on 29 April 2018 is given a bonus 5%
to 30 April until May 14, 2018 no purchase bonus
The minimum purchase in the sales program this is a 1 ETH with MAX Cap Pre-sale of 2.941 ETH. and a total of 20.000 hardcap ETH.

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