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INVESTY – Cryptocurrencies and the new token is created, so many perspectives Innovative projects to recommend them startups, so that changes to crypto. The Exchange is currently against the dynamic development of the step, but this is just the beginning course forever. The exchanges, which have great potential to rise further, attract more people and could have been linked to new investment. Nevertheless, against the current stock is risky and unstable; Not a lot of tools and solutions for convenient access to exchange for new members.
The Mission of Investy is to add new members to a shared exchange opportunity for safe and simple investment in new industries, to help new members and has experience as a trader and cryptofunds to get another similar one.

Investy is a decentralized investment platform, was very probably investment fund, crypto, portfolio and private traders along the way that it is easily accessible, transparent and secure.
The next logical step is derived from cryptoinvestment infrastructure development is the creation of a single investment platform. A platform that blends the single market for funds, traders and other professionals and avail of the trading process to monitor the effectiveness of the management of real-time. At the same epoch, platforms need to assert reliability investment, securing the investors came from withdrawals by dishonest traders on the one hand, and ensuring the success of a work bonus for professionals on the other. The investigation covers all the technical opportunities needed to meet the requirements of reliability, transparency and security of the most high.
Invest in assets crypto simply put, it’s easy and safe
Get by with a leading merchant of Investy community without kudu funds transfer. Select Your account manager, create cryptographic portfolio or become an efficient Manager and get an extra income!

The Value Of The Project Investy
Our > ready ~ right investors together market where he could select a merchant or funds and ensure that information concerning the results of the work he saw was original. Perhaps he convinced no one would gather his money. Many funds did not add a transparent report for their investors, and often the official amount does not exceed the development of bitcoin. There are many examples like that. According to the fitting situation, many good traders can not attract investors, because they do not have the competence needed to create and advertise a specific fund.

you are not obliged to transfer your assets, they always are in your account, you simply transfer the access to the transaction, and the rest is assumed by the platform. Invest via Investy you can be sure Your not duwit not only would be withdrawn, but also because there is no choice in terms of fraudulent traders. you would be the loss of the deposit. This is the maximum security you can imagine in the meantime.

accordingly, we do not believe the case against facilities and that kind of market, which would positively impact for professionals in the financial management and the people who want to invest their duwit they are competent. Not like forex brokers, and others, we have not resulted in the loss of our customers moneyt, but works in win-win system. A trader to make a profit.

The results of all the transactions recorded in the blockchain. This means that reliable and could not be faked. Select trader according to open rank, You could be sure about the results of the management of your assets.
In the process the work of traders, fit together the commands executed, knowledge on the efficiency of their work is uploaded to the block along the following steps:
1. application server separately collect knowledge from internal databases, do the thinking of the money supply growth in basic currency on account, maintained by each merchant.
2. their public id Data are compressed into the object collection.
3. The object is sent as a line to blockchain along with a smart method to contact the owner of the contract from blockchain-node project, opens to the public network.
4. Node receives the knowledge and, along with this blockchain principle, hand in their shared another element of the network.

About The Market
All functions of the platform cannot be used without the availability of a market for traders and funds. In the market, investors can choose a person or organization that is responsible for the management of its assets. For the convenience of choosing the right managers, investors can determine the parameters by which the election will be conducted: profitability for different time periods, the size of the maximum amount of the deposit, withdrawal management, etc.

Roi Investy
The economic model used by the token Investy is very likely ensure a steady growth of the token value to the total life cycle of IVC. From the end of the Token Sale and listing on the stock exchange to the next part comes from the evolution of the platform. After the Token Sale, the beta version is derived from the Investy platform may be available, which includes a range of services. Because of this platform cannot be profitable, growth rates can be provided by the token request for him among those who always wanted utilizing facilities platforms. Request token IVC reflect the growth rate of the platform, as well as the dynamics of quantity users token actual ecosystem. Token manipulation IVC too complex. On the one hand, the managers and traders gravitated towards the price of the IVC is lower, which is very possible they utilize the functionality of the platform together with lower prices. One the other hand, undervaluation is counterproductive, because valuations are lower block the quantity of assets that exist for management.

Target Market
The first step in the launching platform, the main target users are people originating from the crypto community. It is dimisalkan that it can be so cryptoholders is derived from the common crypto kriptoan and professional cryptotrader. Investment and trade them via platforms can fill the internal rankings together knowledge required, making the platform more attractive to new users, who did not previously have a habit of cryptoinvestments joint, and can reduce the admission to the market.
In the perspective of Investy focusing energy against the pull of the market members are not eligible to the world of Crypto economy The dynamic growth of such users should wait against when the platform worked and resulted in earnings for investors and traders. Such synergy can support the people raise their crypto asset in a certain level of risk, and a successful trader can can raise their income. Investment funds can raise revenue and attract new clients.


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