Investing in Obizcoin means Investing in “Business Services of the Future”

OBIZCOIN quote from parent company Retail Trainer (YRC). Coach Retail you provide an outlet for Startups business management & Smash, which was built in th. 2012 from Pune, India. Coach Retail Management Service You help clientnya improve internal as well as external business systems such as SOP (Standard Operating Procedures), applying it with the customize Team System integrates with ERP, as well as audit the operational capabilities of the organization.

Obizcoin plan to put the skills and experience of YRC domain industry is rich with integrating it into a BOT through technology from Artificial Intelligence & blockchain. This will also reduce the time needed to research and the development of each domain karna YRC already improving intellectual property more than 10 domains which they have mastered. It will also accelerate while turning from changes to the selling. Because once State-BOT is ready, selekasnya sales can start with an existing domain

The Ability Of The Bot
The BOT will be able to develop and improvise business processes with the help of the technology of Blockchain AI and the Ethereum’s launch is continuously in business intelligence will make the BOT more intelligent every day, that will ultimately improve the process the prominence of the work of the organization.
Bot Domain Expertise
The BOT will be equipped with knowledge about a particular business Domain. Domain BOT knowledge base will continue to widen with the addition of new business domain knowledge. Domain expertise will allow the client to have a competitive advantage in business management. It will give early warning signals would be failure, improve decision making, reduce the probability and designing an operational road map.
The Bot Process Design
Process mapping – the development of KPI and KRA – procedure – reporting and driver’s license. The process must be designed in line with the strategic objectives and the company’s operations. In a competitive environment where technology is changing rapidly, the continuous improvement of business processes of the company to be one of the determining factors of success (CSF) for the company to succeed.
The Bot Process Decisions
With the knowledge of the domain expert, the BOT will help the business decision process. Companies need to move fast, but they also need a long-term strategy that will ensure their business can meet the demands of today and tomorrow. The right decision will result in the growth of balanced and sustainable company.
Swot System Bot
SWOT is a BOT system uses sophisticated algorithms and analysis techniques to train the BOT on how to capture the data that can be used from a variety of sources and formats to provide potential insights about the viewpoint of efficient and efficient in organization and work on them. to overcome weaknesses take & opportunities.
Smart Bot Contracts
The BOT will be able to prepare and implement smart contracts that will allow organization automating repetitive tasks and identified with the condition and the results have been determined. Smart contracts will be executed in & outside organizations such as vendors, suppliers and so on. This will help the Organization to conduct transactions and processes that are transparent and secure.

Bot System Reward
With the help of technology awards comeback, contract employees and rewards will be automatically, since the contract smart will carry out financial transactions such as salary, incentives, bonuses and commissions depend on the conditions specified. This will act as a motivator for employees automatically as there will be complete transparency in your expected deliverable and reward are distributed. So the ethereum smart contract based reward system will bring real benefits for the management of human resources.
Bot Audit System
With the help of Artificial Intelligence, a BOT will do the audit process organization, evaluating the overall growth of the micro-level operations and perform improvisational process with respect to the turn around time, efficiency and resources consumed.
Bot Alerts
BOT Alerts designed to strategize business processes. Predictive Alerts: Predictive Alerts an alarm a potential weakness in the process or system and suggested combat strategy with results that might prepare the Organization to overcome adversity before.

Prescriptive Prescriptive Alerts: Alerts allows early identification of problems that occur on the process and procedures so that it shows the related recovery action, together with the potential impact of their adoption, at the operational level.

The BOT will act as your Virtual CEO
The work of formulating and move the tip organization with efficient in the fast-moving global economy already so the more difficult. The rate of acceleration of technological change, increasing competition in the global struggles as well as the more recent customer base already combined to challenge some of the senior leaders to rethink the kind of efforts, techniques, as well as those who support the approach that is faster and responsive.

Tips for the successful formulation of the more dependent on how well an organization bringing together, organize, and synthesize the info necessary into targeted activities as well as possible actions. This info should not merely filled the hard data from the research and analysis of the secondary as well as primary; The plan should include the perspective of those who have a part to play as well as the need to effect both inside or outside the organization. Obizcoin BOT will also take action so the CEO of Virtual Intelligent as well as 24 x 7 with a rich domain skills and management techniques can be proven built-in.

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