Integrity – A Blockchain Platform That Empowers Small Businesses to WIN

INTEGRITY – The developers of INTEGRITY are going to create a decentralized platform that will allow small businesses as well as freelancers and experts to earn, using their knowledge and capabilities. Joint work without unnecessary risks and intermediaries allows you to count on getting quick profits.

Existing problems and opportunities for quality solutions
Small business owners can not systematically expand their business, improve the product, they try to cope with a huge number of problems alone, which often leads to collapse. INTEGRITY will make emphasis on your product, find experienced professionals that will help you in prosperity;

Most modern businessmen try to build their business on their own strategies of success. In some situations, this leads to the fact that they collaborate with wrong people, use technologies that allow you to rely on success. INTEGRITY allows you to access the best technologies, there is a special rating system that allows you to qualitatively pick up performers for certain tasks. You don’t have to face scammers;

Unreasonable expenses. If you believe existing statistics, many businessmen spend huge investments in vain. INTEGRITY enables to cooperate with the best, to receive a quality expert opinion. So you can create a really effective strategy for developing your business.

Problems and solutions for experts
Here you also need to highlight several key points:
Intellectual property is poorly protected. Experienced experts are not rushing to share their knowledge in the existing centralized services their opinion is likely to steal, a little change and re-sell. No one wants to waste his time on such projects. Prospective ideas and expert assessments should be rightly content. INTEGRITY uses to operate the block, which allows counting on the full protection of intellectual property. Any agreements between project participants are carried out through intellectual contracts, completely excluding fraudulent schemes;

The difficulty of monetizing the received knowledge. Most experts do not trust business owners, they believe that those can only steal others ‘ ideas. It is difficult to find a service that allows qualitatively to monetize their efforts. INTEGRITY guarantees receipt of rewards-if businessmen decide to use experts, they simply make the necessary amount and confirm their intentions of a smart contract.

What is important to know freelancers
Modern business is faced with the substantial price hike of internal personnel. Keep a permanent state quite difficult, which entails reducing the places to work. That is why many choose to earn freelance. integrity opportunity of businessmen to find skilled employees, and freelancers get a great chance to earn, fulfilling different tasks;

Freelancers can earn themselves by using this open source project. You will be able to offer users a technology that can be really successful. In this case, get a chance to get a good reward. Every freelancer who participates in the project INTEGRITY sure that always be able to find its customer;

Problems with experience and learning. Most freelancers are one-sided specialists who are ready to perform only a certain range of work. INTEGRITY offers new opportunities on the platform there are special training programs that allow you to improve your skills with the development of customer needs.

Each participant of the platform INTEGRITY can rely on mutually beneficial cooperation. Small business representatives can attract investors to their projects, find employees, to perform tasks. Experts have a great opportunity to monetize their knowledge by providing useful advice and development strategies. Freelancers get an excellent base for finding regular customers, in addition, they can use the internal tokens of the project to purchase training courses. Developers of INTEGRITY are now at the stage of testing their prospective project.

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