InnovaMinex – #1 Cryptocurrency in Precious Metal Mines

Innovaminex, which plans to introduce the technology blockchain in the extraction of precious metals and other processes associated with this industry. It is no secret that gold as other precious metals have been a constant companion for many centuries. The main functions of these metals with each age changed, ranging from the means to accumulate to power and luxury. In a century of modern technologies, precious metals are used as an important element of industry and electrical engineering.
Starting from ancient times, methods of metal mining were constantly changed and improved, from the pre-flood-washing of sand in the river to highly technological-industrial mines, quarries, mines.
Such development of technologies has contributed to a sharp jump of extraction of the main precious metals, but few people know what problems exist in the sphere of industrial extraction of various precious metals. One of the main problems is the illegal methods of mining these metals, which contributes to the formation of huge losses for the mining industry.

In the age of modern technologies to solve all topical problems on the assistance of mining industry precious metals comes blockchain, which will contribute to the creation of a transparent and affordable system of extraction of precious metals for the whole Public. Through the introduction of the blockchain, the industry will be able to prevent the formation of new sources of illegal and covert mining of metals and all kinds of human rights violations, and technology contributes to increased transparency at all stages of production. For example, when buying gold jewelry, the buyer will be able to scan the code chip of the product and trace the entire chain of production of this jewelry, starting from the extraction. No one will be able to change this data because the blockchain will not allow it. All data are written to it and become available to the public. He will protect all buyers from buying substandard products.

What is Innovaminex?
Innovaminex-is a modern business model, which with the help of blockchain provides transparency of the entire chain of production of precious metals. Using its technology will certify the entire production process, from mining in the mine and ending with the end point of sale in the jewelry store. Innovaminex, This model will be based on a partnership with various jewelry stores and ATMs.
Losses of mining companies will be reduced, shops can be sure that they will not be pod unit poor quality goods, and buyers, in turn, will be able to check the origin of the coveted jewelry. This data will be accessed by each of the interested parties in the producer-seller-buyer chain.

Using ATMs of Innovaminex Company any user will be able to buy or sell their cryptographic assets. The interface will be convenient and constantly updated taking into account customer feedback. They will be understandable and safe for both novice and experienced users. ATMs will not require identity identification.

INX token
Innovaminex aims to provide access to many precious metals for all people using modern technologies-own cryptocurrency INX.
The project is based on the Razielcore protocol, which provides rewards for miners and investors of the project, and will be able to exert strong resistance to ASIC during the initial phase of PoW and PoS. The INX token will have 2 phases to create. The first-the use of the PoW protocol until the 1000 blocks with the total number of coins of 300 million will be reached. Next step is the PoS protocol, which will generate rewards and will be used for fast transaction processing.
INX Token Benefits

 For mining mines-excellent bonuses and discounts when buying tokens INX
 For cleaning, plants-there is already a plant that uses crypto payments. The Innovaminex project will seek to integrate into as many of these plants as possible.
 For e-commerce-INX will be the main currency in the company’s online store, where there will be exclusive discounts.
 Crypto-Obriji-token will be traded on known cryptocurrency exchanges.
 ATMs-you will be able to buy or sell INX tokens directly from ATMs.
Token Allocation Procedure-ICO
The sales will consist of 4 phases, each of which consists of 2 weeks.
Starting from November 26, 2018, and ending on January 7, 2019. There is also a final phase, which will go 5 days, starting from January 22, 2019 in each phase will be a bonus-1 phase (30%),
Phase 2 (24%), Phase 3 (16%), 4 phase (10%), final (0%).

The INX token is not based on the Ethereum blockchain. INX-Unique cryptocurrency.
token: INX
Technology: Own blockchain
Total will be released: 300 million INX
total will be allocated for all phases of sales: 70% of total
Softcap: $10 million
Hardcap: $52.5 million
token Price: $0.50 = 1 INX.

The Innovaminex project seems to me to have a future because there are a lot of fakes on the precious metals market and nobody can control it. The problem is long overdue, but there was no effective solution of it to this moment. Blockchain will be able to solve this problem by providing a transparent system in which any interested person will be able to track the entire product chain, from production to sale.

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