Inmusik – Global Music Economy on Blockchain

Inmusik is a platform that supports the music industry in terms of streaming and social interaction based on blockchain technology. The platform provides rewards in the form of cryptocurrency, as well as a financial basis for the creation of future applications in the music industry. The platform is designed to provide rewards equally for both listeners and content creators based on their useful activities within the ecosystem.

How Inmusik Blockchain music streaming platform works
Inmusik has an application that provides a platform for streaming music that is free for its users. In the app a large number of artists, songs, and albums, watching them, fans can earn money and receive various bonuses through their contribution to the community. Musicians are given the opportunity to download and manage their music, interact with their fans, sell tickets and goods and, in turn, receive fair, transparent income. No fraud or deception-users evaluate the music themselves, choose the most liked songs and leave their reward.

Inmusik Awards
Listeners and music lovers are rewarded for listening to the tracks, choosing the most worthy artists, so they make up a peculiar rating of compositions. This approach allows to create the ratings of the most popular music, its creators can expect to receive a substantial reward in the form of internal currency of the project. Users are rewarded for active participation in the selection of the most worthy compositions.

The platform also supports the growth of musicians. It is structured in a unique way, allowing musicians to receive higher payouts. They also get profit for posting content, from streams, for attracting new fans and during betting on their success made by fans. Each income is a value pegged to the US dollar, so the payouts are regular and fair.

Inmusik also supports record labels for musicians. They work with large publishing companies around the world to create an improved copyright management system for the entire music industry at Blokchejne. The platform also offers content owners great payouts, revenue control, and automated payment distribution. This allows novice musicians to monetize their efforts, become creators of their own popularity, find new fans, investors, to further promote their projects.

Auxiliary assets
The platform has two auxiliary means: tokens Inmusik (digital coin) and cash Inmusik (IC). The tokens correspond to the existing ERC20 standard on the Chejne Ethereum block. Tokens can be purchased or sold by users at the time the token is sold. Tokens are used as payment during financial transactions on the platform and are also a reward for listeners and creators of music content. Tokens can be purchased directly by users through their verified accounts. Each user will be able to manage their own tokens simply enough-listen to music, reward musicians, support popular projects to make a profit in the future.

Inmusik tools were created to improve the stability of the platform, as the cost of Sound Coin will continue to change. IC is built as a stable currency and is paid as a reward to the platform users. Advantages of Inmusik

Fans always rewarded for interaction in the system, opening new music on the platform and helping it to remain popular.
Rewards for music makers
The platform allows musicians to make a profit in a transparent and fair way and to communicate directly with their fans.

Financial tracking
Profit making is fully automated, which makes the process transparent and safe. The use of smart contracts simplifies collaboration between parties.

Fast Liquidity
Payouts are available instantly, with no additional time costs or other problems.


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