INGOT COIN Crypto Universe To The Current Traditional Financial Industry

INGOT COIN – I am pleased to realize that I live in a century where development does not stand still. Technology is growing stronger and stronger every day. There are unique opportunities for us and I am happy to share with you the projects that move our world forward. Ingot Coin is the first fully integrated wallet with the digital bank, broker, Exchange, certifier and ICO accelerator. All components pumped into a single and complete ecosystem that rewards the owners of tokens and consumers for using and contributing to it. The ingot coin is a decentralized cryptocurrency that provides benefits and discounts in the ecosystem itself.

It is an ecosystem that creates innovative ways of communication, the main purpose of which is to unite cryptocurrency and financial markets using Blockchain technology. Ingot will also find its application in banks, brokerage companies and other areas of financial activity and will allow diversifying funds at any time.
With the use of smart contracts, Ingot will exclude any mediation in transactions, payments and transactions will become not only instant and safe but also transparent.

IC Wallet
The basis of the multi-currency purse system, intended for sending-reception, storage of digital asset. It will be integrated digital bank, it will allow you to safely exchange or buy cryptocurrency for cash. has several levels of protection and prevents hacking attempts.

IC Exchange.
Full-exchange currency exchange with top and recently issued ICO tokens.

IC Brokerage
A liquidity center that provides access to all financial products. In this service, the purchase of shares, metals, currency and other world assets is provided. In the compartment with the above modules, IC Brokerage gives hundreds of trading options when the market is in an uncertain state. This gives additional diversification.

IC Digital Bank.
This service automates the process of payment processing with the help of Web services. Simplifies the work of the two above-mentioned IC Brokerage and IC Exchange modules. Provides services for the work with electronic payment accounts.

IC Crypto Certifier.
Provides training for all comers on the topics of the blockchain, cryptography, IT-consulting, and other educational services. Graduates are given a certificate with different standards of leading world leaders after training.

IC ICO Accelerator.
Help Beginners Startupers. Advertising, help to create Whitepaper, assistance in financing, documentation, overall the full range of services required for the ICO. Also, IC ICO Accelerator will place the coins on its exchange of those startups that are under its leadership.

To ensure the security of its users will be provided with a verification program, for many, it is a consuming process. INGOT COIN This is done to avoid Multi, for the security and transparency of the system. All in one place. Using the platform, traders will be able to enter different exchanges. This is very convenient, allows you to discard additional commissions and their difference. The trading history will be recorded and is available for the prospective new customers. The presence of informative will create a rust to the platform, and this is the influx of new customers.

Trade between different cryptocurrencies, as well as other assets of traditional markets such as NYSE, NASDAQ, Euronex, and others. Possibility to trade using “fiat” pairs and pairs fiat/Fiat, for example, USD/EUR.

Ingot will provide low commissions, provide technical analysis of various financial products, including indices, commodities. Thanks to an experienced team, users will be offered the best investment options at the moment. Card binding to a personal account allowing to make payment or replenishment for cryptocurrency and fiat money. Its use is possible, both on the platform and in everyday life. The project has a strong and highly qualified team, which in my opinion is able to bring the project to the highest level in the shortest possible time and I hope they will succeed.
The team consists of large specialists from different industries having many years of experience. You can find the key participants on the official website, where you will find links to their personal accounts in social networks.

Title: Ingot Community Coin
Mark: ICC
Total: 120 million ICC.
Soft cap: $37 million.
Hard cap: $90 million.
Start ICO: July 1.
End of ICO: August 11.
One token price: 1 ICC = $1

This is the direction where huge changes and innovations are taking place now. In a couple of years, the industry can change drastically and it is absolutely logical and correct. We need to support such projects and monitor their development. Let’s wish good luck to the developers and we will together make our world better!

All information is provided for informational purposes only and does not call you to action. The author does not advise on investments and is not a financial expert. The information is not based on academic knowledge, it is the author’s own opinion. Any decisions you take about buying, selling and investing are your own responsibility. This is not an investment offer!

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