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InfraCoins – If suddenly you are a lover of travel, you probably faced with the problem of reservation of housing in another country. The housing doesn’t meet the necessities represented within the provisions. Then the owner can suddenly reconsider the conditions and pay for accommodation. Hotels are prone to this to a lesser extent, but there may be nuances. For example, because of the lousy view from the window…

And every time in such cases, the question arises, and why not to connect to this ubiquitous technology blockchain? After all, it is really convenient, and allows you to practically automate the relationship in the rental of any housing?

It was this question that was asked by the founders of Infracoins and started to create a new convenient platform on the blockchain, which allows its users to quickly book interesting property via the Internet, for any interesting Time.

Problem and Solution
Despite the fact that technological progress today affects almost all areas of our lives, the process of booking rooms in hotels or other rental properties remains fairly conservative and does not meet the requirement of time.

In fact, we have a tendency to still got to use sites like, to cope with the very fact that afterward, we have a tendency to square measure duty-bound to contact the owner directly, pay additional time and effort to sign contracts, lose money on remittances between countries and much Another.

All these processes can be greatly simplified thanks to smart contracts, which are a constant component of blockchain technology.

Infracoins offers the use of absolutely modern tools that can actually automate the process of renting any accommodation, regardless of its location.

All we need, if we want to pass the premise-it is to write it once on a platform and to put the desirable price. InfraCoins  The client who wants to rent is obliged to pass verification KYC (also one single procedure), to pay the cost inside the platform (project tokens) and to come to receive the key. All! No contracts, no red tape, and long tedious negotiations!

And all this happens with zero commission for rent for the client! No intermediaries-only direct contracts, which will allow you to get more money for the owner of the property, and save on rent directly to the client!

In addition, do not forget that blockchain allows all transactions to record, and therefore there we can record and transparent rating, both landlord and our traveler. All, all the data will be permanently written in the chain, and, therefore, we can always see whether to rent some apartments, and whether to trust this tenant!

This system is not just good-it is ideal on all sides. Infracoins also plans to buy its property for an even simpler lease procedure and to reinforce its own INF token with real assets. Well and now we will talk about the ICO project, which is taking place at the moment.

Token and ICO Project
InfraCoins  Released it will be on the standard Ethereum, like most. A total of 50 million tokens will be issued, some of which will be sold as part of the ICO. At different stages of ICO, 1 INF will cost from 70 cents to 1 dollar and 25 cents (prices are shown in US dollars). More details of this information, as well as the dates of the ICO.

The proceeds will go:

45%-for the integration and creation of a project portfolio around the world;
30%-to create a technical part of the platform;
20%-on marketing and promotion;
5%-on legal issues, legalization, unforeseen expenses.

All issued tokens will be distributed in the following percentages:

50%-sold under ICO;
20%-will fall into the reserve of the project;
10%-already sold as part of Pre Sale;
6%-will remain with the team of the project and exactly the same amount
5%-will be given to consultants;
3%-will make a referral fee.

In general, Infracoins seems to me quite a nice project and the only thing that can prevent to become successful-this is an abundance of competitors in this niche. But there is a significant plus-all competitor are still in the development stage. So who will become the locomotive in this sphere will show only time. In the meantime, all the participants of the race absolutely equal conditions.

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