INDAHASH is a technology company that harnesses the power of social influencers to help companies market their products. It connects brands with influencers who are looking for influencers to promote their products to their friends and followers. indaHash managing the life cycle management of the influencers; from recruitment to marketing and quality control of payment.

Next month, indaHash launches the ICO to offset industry influencer marketing. This token will empower greater cooperation in ecosystem influencers and followers, brands. ICO participants have the opportunity to purchase this token, before they lived in the ecosystem influencers. Pre-ICO (offer scratch coin) will begin on November 8, 2017 and ends on November 15, 2017.

Influencer Marketing

influencers for one Method of marketing campaigns are expensive and inefficient; Using influencers across multiple campaigns much more cost-effective. However, only a few companies that are constantly running a marketing campaign so that it does not have enough jobs for influencers to stay involved. Influencer marketing optimization brings the following advantages:

Retailers can rely on current income and jobs are constant, so they prefer to work with a platform than an influencer individually.

The Platform provides a different influencers, this allows for more creative influencer by marketing different products.

Influencers will have incentive to create content and collect a greater follower, that became famous. The following will be caught in the top influencers. This ranking will show their value on the platform indaHash.

Influencers have incentive to try the product they are promoting, because their income is dependent on the trust of their audiences. Marketing of influenza will be a filter to weed out products that offer value lower.

Today’s influencers get paid a few weeks after they do the job, the indaHash token will allow payment of Influencers directly.

Client indahash

With the indaHash company can easily create, and monitor an influencer marketing campaign. The client will pay IndaHash indaHash Coins (directly or indirectly) to the campaign. They have the choice to buy this marketing campaign in the fiat (ex: EUR, USD) or indaHash Coins. When clients buy in fiat, indaHash will use these funds to purchase the equivalent coins indaHash from the market. This will create a demand for this token. Marketing campaign influenza indaHash bought with Coins will be ignored.

The company indaHash

a strong team with a history of growth, awards and offices in 7 countries. More than 300,000 influencers listed on the application of indaHash indaHash is a medium-sized company’s 130-strong. The bigger a company, the less gesitnya. Because indaHash have great room for growth in other sectors, this growth will be reflected in price increases indaHash Coins.


indaHash is the first major marketing brands has its own crypto, this means that the knowledge of the species, blockchain and tokenisation spread to consumers. In the long run this will have the effect of compound indaHash on a network token and other cryptocurrencies. indaHash is the business model of B2B (business to business); clients will be able to pay for their marketing campaigns in the indaHash token. Influencers will be able to create their own personal token with indaHash Coins. It has the effect of doubling; regulators will look at cryptocurrencies as a means of growing the economy and these companies will also lobby the Government for adopting an attitude friendly to tokenisasi and crypto in the area.

Concentration indaHash

Campaign indaHash can be paid in FIAT and indaHash Coins. According to the white paper will be converted to a FIAT indaHash Coins. But shareholders, tax officials and other service providers to use the company will pay FIAT. indaHash need to balance this carefully so that all the parties involved on their side.

The technology behind the IndaHash Coin is very complex, and will require time to be tested and applied in the iOS and Android applications on them. There may be a delay time and bottlenecks in the process of implementation. Influencers can issue their own tokens for their audience. There are probably 1000 token from this unique influencers. It is not clear whether this token is the token ERC20 and if gas ETH will be needed to move this token. Thinners currently works for indaHash require training to enable them to understand the benefits of this token. The process is not difficult, but it’s an influencer will be asked to study the new dynamics of the ecosystem.