Imusify – The inefficiencies of centralization

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Imusify And so friends and guests of my blog meet a platform that will allow musicians to monetize their data, that is creative work through various functions, namely through a P2P platform. This ecosystem has its own cryptocurrency IMU, through which many operations take place. Basically, the audience of this platform includes various musicians, managers, distributors, various merchants and just those people who like to listen to music.

As you may have guessed, here you can sell singles, albums, licenses, copyright, and even synchronization equipment. To conduct crowdfunding here also it is possible and the most interesting that on a platform there is even a system of compensations and the referral system and the possibility of purchase of tickets for concerts is invented.

The music industry has long been in need of such a structure, where it is possible to collect funds for future ideas or to deal simply with the allocation of funds. Yes, there have already been attempts to create such sites, but to this day they have not been updated properly. This provoked the creation of an improved ecosystem with the use of blockchain technologies.
Now for a second, imagine what’s going to happen in the future. You spend time on the platform, listen to music, communicate with friends, artists and for that you get tokens, you agree great? Your balance is constantly replenished, and this, in turn, Imusify will allow you to go even more often to concerts or just buy fresh albums of your favorite music performers, favorite groups. Here you can gain popularity to those people who have not yet revealed their talent. Now the whole industry as a whole is transformed several times.

Of course, the project will be successful, because it goes beyond all technological documentation. This plan is not only a word but half the reality, because there is a lot of work in implementation and they are gradually implemented.

Problems and Solutions
Through centralization, the entire music industry is broken and not efficient enough. And due to the lack of transparency in the system, there are huge losses of income. As we know music is always more accessible to global users than ever before, but since there is a gap between the creators of Music, co-authors and the subject of the same shareholders, this process is quite complex for fair sharing and resources.
On this basis, a completely decentralized music market was created. The imusify ecosystem just uses a combination of innovative protocols and frameworks to provide a direct peer-to-peer connection between artists, fans, and other stakeholders. The platform practices the best methods for organizing crowdfunding, as well as the practice of streaming, media exchange, and social networks. This scheme will permanently eliminate the need for existing intermediaries, which means that we are waiting for transparent payments of royalties and will begin rapid development of open source and networking cooperation.

Frankly speaking, the Imusify project is one of the earliest projects of this format, which implies a decentralized framework and such a unique concept. There are some startups with a much less similar idea, but most of them have a lot of disadvantages associated with booking events, streaming services, and copyright.

Tokens and ICO Program
Imusify The token wears a IMU marker, which is a token of the NEP5 utility at all.
They are used as an engine to support the multilevel decentralized music economy of imusify. This principle will create huge potential value for using a token to implement the platform inside the entire industry.
As we have already said, there is a clever system of compensations and compensations as IMU on the platform. This digital currency is also used as a means of payment within the ecosystem itself, and is also used to exchange for other digital assets or services.
Generic token offering: 1 000 000 000 EMU
What does the overall distribution of all assets look like??
650 000 000-allocated for sale
80 000 000-allocated for team and advisers
80 000 000-allocated for ecosystem
80 000 000-for company reserve
80 000 000-for partners
15 000 000-for reward
15 000 000-for program Optimtasia
Cost of one token: 0.05 USD
Softcap: $1 million
Hardcap: $25 million
IMU will be available on external exchanges, which will allow you to exchange tokens for other currencies. Also, active work is underway to expand partnerships that will allow direct exchange of FIAT currency on IMU on the Imusify platform itself

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