Imusify Get Paid to Listen , Get Paid to Create

Imusify -Good day, dear friends! Today I suggest we talk to you about such, undoubtedly, interesting thing, like music and all its peculiarities. Agree, musicians people are creative and for frequent only this and have earnings for a life, but in this sphere there are not only people who create musical masterpieces, but also a bunch of intermediaries, which, as you can understand takes a part of profit to itself in the account of promotion and distribution of music content. This is very expensive because, in the end, the musicians will get the pennies and barely do the ends meet, although their intermediaries bathe in earnings as in cream.

It is very sad that a person creates creativity, which undoubtedly becomes popular and finds an answer in the hearts of fans, but such people remain below the poverty line. In this case, it concerns not only musicians but artistic and creative personalities in general. But what kind of world would be without these people? I, why I am sure that it would be grey and far-reaching, as artwork and creativity are our all. This, first of all, is our development and cultural upbringing. Without it, it would be boring. Just imagine how you would spend your time on the road without beautiful and inspiring music. The music inspires and leads to the commission of many good heights. It is very important that the creators of this direction could live worthily and create for people, for their fans. How can this be achieved? In fact everywhere in the first place, there is a deception. At its core, on this development of modern technologies, there are things that could realize this honesty, and most importantly transparency to solve problems. This solution could be a project that I met recently and he was interested in me. I would like to present to your attention a project called Imusify. We’ll talk about him now.

Imusify – In its essence this project was created to solve problems in the artistic sphere. Its task is to deduce from this sphere of centralization and to come to decentralization. An important factor is the adoption of technologies such as blockchain and smart contracts. Decentralization is achieved through these technologies. And with the help of internal currency which will be enclosed in the form of an internal token, full security and transparency of all transactions will be achieved. This is very important. This action is an opportunity to reduce and completely depart from mediation, thus giving musicians the opportunity to realize their creativity in front of their fans and, in general, before the general public. Due to this, the Commission will fall at times, and the tokens of the award for creativity lead to decent earnings of all personalities who create musical masterpieces in general. As you should have already understood, this project will unite in its walls not only musicians, but also all their admirers, and as well as all those to whom this sphere would be liking.

An important factor of this project is that all users who will contribute to the development of this project will in some way make a profit. That is, if someone is doing something for the development of this platform, it will certainly be rewarded with a bonus. This bonus will be implemented in the form of internal currency, internal token. After all, due to this token will be built the entire economic component of the project.
The project is not a little known, because according to the information from the project site, it has a number of partners, which are aimed at the transition of this sphere to a new stage of development, which will be realized through modern technologies in this project. You can find the list of these partners on the website of this project, where you will learn more about the information.

Now I would like to give more detailed information on the internal token, which we so often mention. This token will organize the economy of the project, Imusify as it will be received by ordinary users for their own contribution to the project, as well as creators of interesting content, which will be appreciated by the audience and determined by popularity for even Rating, compiled by the listeners themselves. The value of this token will grow directly with the popularity of the project. That is, the more the project is progressing, the more the value of the given currency as a whole. Also, you can safely spend this token on the project, using it as a currency. That is, for it you will be able to purchase various services, as well as to perform actions that will be available, as well as possible to commit to this project.

Now I would like to tell about the ICO of this project, what would you understand about the internal token:
The token will have the name: IMU.
The price per unit of the IMU token will be 1 IMU = $0.05.
The minimum target of sales is 1 000 000 $.
The maximum sales target is 25 000 000 $.
Also, depending on the stage of sales will be available a different bonus.

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