IMPRESSIO – Cryptocurrency is a decentralized digital currency that does not belong to any bank or government owner. The advantage is zero cost and, in many cases, instant transactions from the real world. Blockchain-technology changes the world both in business and the way we interact with each other. So many investment platforms in the world, but not enough to meet the needs of investors, but this time impressio to answer all these needs.

Impressio believes that the cryptocurrency market will see significant growth in the coming years. People are always rapidly introducing technologies that make life easier and more efficient, and blockchain shows us how money can be translated into a revolutionary new way. This is certainly one of the main reasons for the huge growth of bitcoins over the past few years, which is exponential, especially considering how it compares with stock exchanges around the world. It has created an enormous amount of new wealth, not to mention the interest shown worldwide in the potential sectors.

About the project
Impressio Estate is a British crypto investment platform for users around the world to invest and grow their money, whether deposited all at once or gradually. We offer unique investment plans for investors of all stripes. There are a lot of people who don’t know how to start investing in cryptocurrency, or just don’t have the time and/or energy to do it. Impressio handles all these needs for them and goes beyond for their investors.

Impressio prides itself on understanding cryptocurrency and accessibility for an everyday investor with the convenience that has not yet been seen in the industry. There are many potential and existing cryptocurrency investors who understand the huge potential in space but simply don’t have the time or energy to find the right investment opportunities. Impressio happily handles this for you.

That is why Impressio is such an attractive option. There is a saying: “Do not work for money but let the money work for you ” in the investment world. Impressio is intended to bring you returns, whether it is daily, or even  There is simply no other platform that seeks to handle your money properly. Large booklets and blockchain-protocols bring unprecedented value to future loyalty programs.

Main advantages of the project
1. Registration of a direct deposit. Deposits are credited to 1-3 confirmations and depend only on network speed and transaction costs.
2. Withdrawal of instant profit. All requests of the user for withdrawal of funds are processed instantly and in automatic mode.
3. Maximum data protection. The web platform is constantly protected from external threats and is checked daily for the presence of malicious code.
4. General charges. Depending on the chosen investment strategy, earnings are accrued daily, every hour or at the end of the semester.
5. Gift Partnership. Impressio encourages the popularization of online income and offers high rewards for attracting investments through referral links or coupon codes.
6. Custom server. The team develops all the features on a dedicated server hosting provider of the highest quality.

Everyone should have the goal of financial independence. We all understand that money can improve the quality of your life, and Impressio has the advantage of an expert team that can continually look for opportunities while other markets are “closed.” It does not matter whether you are a young adult with active work and social life or someone has a family to grow up; It can be extremely difficult to keep up with markets, especially when cryptocurrency markets never close.

This is why a secure and reliable platform, such as Impressio, can be an ideal option for your investment needs. We are sure that here in Impressio, there is an investment plan that is perfect for you. Feel free to browse the site and contact us if you have any questions. There should be more comfortable and safe options when it comes to your money. At Impressio we promise to be a future investment and we are confident that we will be able to provide a significant return on your investment. We take the trust of our investors very seriously and are happy to help your own money to work for you.

What about the ICO?
This is just the beginning of an incredible trip to Impressio. While it is possible to contribute to the possibilities of the first floor and included potential. It should be noted that the public sales of the remaining token will take place in 2019, and soon thereafter the next credit platform appears. The beauty of Impressio is that it is diverse.

Of course, this is a clear choice for those who are interested in investing in cryptocurrency without the time or energy to continually commit to the market. However, private investors involved in the company add a new level of leverage that makes the company unique for the next years. Token sales will bring more revenue, and of course, the credit platform can provide new revenue sources.

Impressio is proud to announce that our private stage of the ICO has been successfully completed, with the total sale of tokens of 10 million impr. Recognizing that much remains to be done when it comes to our platform reaches maximum potential. It is important to note that we are currently closing the stage of private sales of ICO and moving on to our new goal-to launch our website on public lending and investments within 3 months. We are extremely excited to open these opportunities to the public and really bring impressio to people.


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