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iLink2Music – Every year more and more it becomes to sift out the content offered to us in social networks. As a result, everything leads to the confusion of the consumer among all the offers that are on the expanses of the Internet. The Ilink2music campaign will solve this problem with a unique platform that can recognize all the desires and requirements of the consumer and provide it with the right content. Developers want to bring a symbiosis in the music industry and society. Networks.

The platform creates an environment in which participants will be able to perform in the end as the main designers, co-creators or leaders of actual fashion.
Elink Tokens:
Elink is a platform token created by the Ilink2music project. The token will allow using both basic functions of the platform, and secondary.
Il2voting Platform:
This tool will be useful for holding contests for celebrities on the platform. association with Blockchain Technologies, will give the platform transparency of competitions, and also the accuracy of counting of voices, all thanks to tokens Elink.
The protocol of the Platform “Proof of Vote Public Protocol” intends to provide conclusive evidence of votes in the aftermath of the contests, which is another advantage for the platform Ilink2music.
Basic principles of the Platform:
For optimal operation of the platform, three basic principles of its work were presented:
1. Verifiability – Thanks to Blockchain technologies, the platform can guarantee correct vote count and election integrity.
2. Safety-the security of any platform is the most important aspect of its work. The Il2voting platform guarantees the safety of voters ‘ personalities, as well as the safety of the platform, the voices remain unchanged in all circumstances.
3. Transparency is also an important criterion for the work of a good platform. The Il2voting platform guarantees the transparency of all processes held within the platform.

How does it work?
This platform will give each of you, whether you are a famous artist or just a lover of music, create your profile that would display all your talents or skills/experience in some industry (as an example of business, fashion, music). This way you will become famous and get your exclusive offer.
Also will be presented bonuses in the form of free mobile devices for active platform participants after a certain number of hours spent on the platform.

1ELINK = $0,005
Минимальное вложение = $50 USD
Максимальное вложение = $50 000 USD
Можно оплатить: BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, XRP, DASH, ETC, NEO, Qtum, TRX, ZEC and Credit Cards through PayPal.

Conclusion : 
Ilink2music is a unique platform for creative people, based on blockchain technology and new technologies. In addition to the above Peresislennogo, the platform will also feature other features like own radio, Content section and more. I think this is a great opportunity to take the first step on the way to your creative career, because the platform Ilink2music gives an opportunity to tell about their talents, and then get your first contract in the new activity!
I would also like to note that this article is exclusively the author’s opinion, before investing, check out the white paper for this project!

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