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IAGON Recent developments in the technology of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data and the dramatic increase in the adoption of technology-this technology indicates an increasing demand and growing exponentially for capacity for the storage and computational processing power vis-à-vis the wider adoption of this technology.

The Big technological Data such as Hadoop framework (especially the MongoDB database, HDFS, and Spark) requires a very large storage capacity, either centralized or distributed, to process and manage Big files of Data. For the most part, technology Big Data supports the exponential growth of data in all types of organizations, in web-based services and social networking and its application is very important to support the operation and proper processing of a large number of This data

Machine learning and in-depth learning process (especially TensorFlow, Caffe, and Theano from Google; see also: Dean et al., 2012, Ray, 2017) conduct advanced computing pattern recognition, image recognition, and predictive analysis that requires volume computation. The scenario of demand that is growing exponentially for the ability of Big Data and the AI is solid and very real, considering that both fields of technology are the basis for supporting Industry and IoT 4.0 system. In addition, although Big Data and AI technology only at the stage of their implementation, most of the companies and public institutions have begun to examine their application to improve many aspects of their operations.

What Is IAGON?
The first company is IAGON handle a real need for a decentralized cloud computing and storage services at a low cost (80% of cloud service < Amazon AWS) for centralized services and applications of AI. IAGON creating decentralized architecture AI that manage and optimize resources and storage backup/idle computing are scattered around the world, creating a Global Smart Computing Network completely decentralized (CSCN).

IAGON based on AI, Blockchain-Enabled, Decentralized platforms, named “Alexandria Protocol “, which is an AI, computational intelligent decentralized computing resources and layers of management coordinate computing resources among provider (miners) and users (customers), creating a dynamic market.
The Main Features And Capabilities Of IAGON
 the Alexandria Protocol-using AI for analysis of performance parameters of ongoing distributed computing miners and optimal allocation of resources the P2P network/P2P peer-to-peer (P2P).
 fully decentralized IAGON-Platform and secure because it runs on Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT)-not even a single point of failure or possible attack hackers.
 IAGON using Proof-of-Utilitarian Work (PoUW)-where a node needs to prove Iagon miners use of resources of their reserves with the job computing means (computer storage and CPU cycles), outside the Bitcoin’s Proof of Work (PoW), in where computing power and energy is wasted with no real utility applications.
 IAGON can work and be partnering with the processing and storage of decentralized computing-can partner and complement other decentralized Internet infrastructure solutions, which allow Internet economy together
with the Alexandria Protocol IAGON-is technology-agnostic and can work with Blockchain platform/underlying (e.g. DLT. Ethereum Tangle, IOTA, EOS, etc.)
 All customer files very securely-using cryptographic Hash trees, broken up, using the technique of sharding, copied for redundancy, and distributed among the nodes of miners P2P
 IAGON will partner with data centers distributed cloud storage – and the other to increase the presence of global miners IAGON. Currently, Iagon had closed an agreement with Oracle, Ties. DB and HP Cloud28 + as a strategic partner.

The Alexandria Protocol
The Alexandria Protocol is Intelligent Control Plane Protocols that are innovative and revolutionary “that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain to coordinate, optimize, and control the resources of the Global Computational Grid (SGCG decentralized).

This is the main layers of the underlying technology and discusses the need for mechanisms Iagon optimization decentralized resources to schedule, coordinate, and allocate storage grid computing-to-peer (P2P) the decentralized (P2P) which are connected to the network and processing resources among multiple nodes miners coordinated blockchain Iagon.

The Alexandria Protocol Iagon is a smart mechanism to manage and optimize documents, resources, and knowledge, spread across the computing infrastructure decentralized global safeguard and secure knowledge and information man this time, allowing Decentralized economic Division.
Comparison Between IAGON With Other Similar Projects
The analysis of the benchmarking based on a comparative study project which developed storage and processing platform for decentralized completed or plans to complete the ICO. The data collected from the whitepaper, websites, video, forum, blog projects, as well as of other materials (such as faqs and answers to questions) that are published online by the project team.

Token and the platform is a service with proven IAGON beta Ethereum-based Blockchain, which proved the concept of distributed computing and network-based storage blockchain. IAGON plan to support also the new Tangle of technological and innovative that provide quick solutions and alternative, lower cost to operate the technology Blockchain. Thus, it will build two IAGON blockchain-in the Ethereum’s Tangle-and provides a complete flexibility and freedom of choice for users and our miners.
Details Of The Sale Of Tokens
Schedule Token Sales may 10, 2018
The Purchase Token Ethereum
The price of a Token 1 IAG = $0.12
A total of 1 billion Token Supply IAG

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