HUBRISONE – The All-in One Cryptocurrency Current Account

Hubrisone – In the era of high technological progress, as we stand at the threshold of flight to Mars, we realize that the possibilities of humankind are limitless. Each of us can be part of this progress, perhaps it is you who will make a small contribution to the development of our reality. Today there are a huge number of projects that change our world and widen the boundaries of our possibilities. And now I invite you to take a step towards the new world and get acquainted with another worthy idea embodied in the unique project Hubrisone.

Hubrisone is a crypto-currency wallet and a traditional bank account Phat, built into powerful, intelligent, customizable and compatible digital applications of Apple and Android.
Hubrisone is a mobile application that will completely change the dynamics between cryptocurrency and the banking sector. Hubrisone At present, there is practically no trust between traditional banking users and users of cryptocurrency. We plan to connect the traditional banking sector with cryptocurrency and provide these services to the masses through an open, honest and fully reliable infrastructure, which is easy to use and understandable, as for new members of the cryptocurrency market, and for veterans. The Hubrisone command is a functional token known as the Hubris token (HBRS) that will be used in the Hubrisone application, and the infrastructure, while maintaining the cost to transfer funds, access the platform, discounts, and Use it as a payment method in conjunction with Hubrisone debit cards.
With the platform and the application Hubrisone we will avoid all the problems inherent in the banking sector and increase the speed of adoption through cryptocurrency, integrated into digital bank accounts, thus we will be able, seemingly impossible-“kill two Zaitsev One A shot. ”

ICO details.
Token name: Hubris/Hbrs
Platform: ERC20
Fixed delivery: 1 000 000 000 (1 billion)
Token Distribution: 65% (650M Hubris)
Softcap: US $900 000 (900 000 USD)
Hardcap: 10 000 000 dollars (10 million dollars)

A few words about the team.
The project employs some of the best people in the field. Each of them is a professional, irreplaceable cog in the mechanism responsible for performing their duties and contributing to the improvement of the platform functionality. Thanks to these specialists, working together, the project is considered to be a promising and competitive one today.

Hubrisone To summarize all of the above, I have come to the conclusion that the development team really are professionals in their business. This company creates a quality product that is unique to date. The analysis of the company suggests that these people have every chance to make changes to the existing picture of the world we are familiar with. I suggest to pay attention to this company and learn more about it by clicking on the links below.

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