Hubrisone – Making it Extremely Easy and Simple for People to Manage Their Existing Bank Accounts

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Hubrisone – Let’s talk about the project And so friends and guests of my blog Meet the innovative platform Hubrisone. Now there will be a significant introduction of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology at the expense of this interesting innovation. Clients can easily access instant cross-border money transfers as well as multi-currency bank accounts, including cryptocurrency purses.

All you need is to use a secure debit card Hubrisone Visa. The advantage is that you will be rewarded each time with Hubrisone tokens every time you spend tokens or simply upload your account.

The development mission is the next, it is to influence and increase the demand for the use of cryptocurrency around the world, thanks to a simple method. and also to establish a compromise between the traditional banking sector and modern blockchain technologies.

Personal accounts of course support EUR, GBP, USD and of course the ability to set up a direct debit and permanent orders. In addition, users can connect their existing bank accounts in just a few clicks.

Now sending money as well as sharing is very simplistic, with what I congratulate you. You will also be able not only to spend your cryptocurrency but to earn a generous cashback.

What exactly is security?
 First, we have a compatible cloud banking PCI-DSS
 Second, institutional cold storage rank for wallets
 All your purses and private purses are stored under AES-256 encryption
 24/7 monitoring of your machine learning account in real time
 We have an integrated and instantaneous check of AML & KYC
 The platform works entirely on encrypted SSL
 And of course two-factor authentication for additional security

Problems that the project solves
Today we have innovative technologies but without real application. Projects are built, plans are planned, but in fact, it is empty, concerning various business models connected with cryptocurrency.
Today we observe the following, it is that a few billion have no bank account, but the ownership of smartphones is growing every day. Hubrisone This is a very significant and global problem.
Next, we observe that the behavior of the buyer is very fast developing, especially with the introduction of cryptocurrency. Banks are very slow to introduce technology and thus lose a daily market share.
In addition, the same banks charge a significant fee for foreign currency transactions during the same travels, including sending money abroad. For people, it is not convenient, expensive and not effective.
The Hubrisone project solves all of the above problems. Hubrisone The old traditional system is connected with the blockchain itself. Innovative cards can support bank accounts and accounts with cryptocurrency. Built-in instant KYC and quick opening of the digital account, so anyone can take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. And at the same time, we have low commission cost and fast transfer.

ICO program and the Economics of tokens
The internal currency has a marker: Hbrs
Each new customer who opens the Hubrisone Digital bank account receives $20 in the equivalent ratio to the tokens.
The platform also has its own amazing marketplace. The only access is to those who have at their balance a minimum of 5000 tokens.
All customers who make purchases in this store receive 1% of the cashback.
Development is based on course on the protocol ERC-20
General offer: 1 000 000 000 Hbrs
Soft CAP: 100 000 $
Hard Cap: 6 000 000 $
Accepted Currency: ETH