Horyou – A New Marketplace for Social Good

Horyou – There are many different societies in the world that support many segments of the population. But not everyone knows about the benefits he has laid. Or the emergence of new benefits. So, this project is just dealing with this problem.
Horyou is an international media project that informs and supports social projects around the world. This project is a social network that unites all people with the help of the platform of directions in which the project Horyou will work:

1. Market Horyou-Platforma, where participants can make purchases or sales of goods and services. All financial transactions are safe, accessible and transparent to all participants.
2. The Horyou Foundation is a non-commercial part of the platform, soaking provides charity, help, and patronage of the needy, the whole social society in a completely new way.
3. Creation by each participant of the Live-blog, disclosures of the information on social benefits and maintenance of active social position on a platform. For each such action, there is a system of rewards which occurs with the help of the internal currency.

Horyou token is a specially created currency that can be purchased with the help of ETH, BTC, ADA, EUR, etc. which is undoubtedly convenient and safe.
The price of Horyoutoken will be 0.03 euros (so that 3000 euros are delivered to you 100 000 horyoutoken). The contributions of BTC, ADA, ETH, and CHF are converted based on Kraken rates at the time of payment.
Also, I would like to tell you about the brilliant team of this project. These people are definitely aiming for success and I think they will succeed!

Horyou is a unique platform for social benefit, allowing to share ideas, to be inspired and to help each other. Horyou connects people Between, organizations with organizations that promote social welfare. We represent Horyoutoken, its utility token, created to stimulate the virtuous circle of positive interactions horyou. The Horyou platform will present “proof of impact”, the purpose of which is to monetize the daily Horyoutokens transactions to create a strong positive response for the community. With Horyoutoken Horyou seeks to revolutionize the act of giving, allowing anyone to participate in the social good, a truly new approach that we call “Blockchain with purpose.”

Horyou is an international media that demonstrates, promotes, supports and encourages the promotion of positive initiatives in the field of social benefits around the world. Horyou performs this through its unique social networking philosophy, which calls everyone everywhere to connect for Good on its Horyou platform. It also hosts exclusive annual events such as the Forum for Social Innovation and Global Ethics (SIGEF) and the village of Horyou, covering art, culture, and diversity at the Cannes Film Festival.

Yonathan Parienti. Founder and director general.
Parienti Eliahou Léon. Chairman and co-founder of the project.
Ali El Broudi. Technical Director.
David Saad. Founder and advisor of the project.
Alexandra Dimova. Chief operating officer and head of the executive team.
David Parienti. Founder and former chief operating officer.
Eli Ayub. Member of the executive Team and project advisor.
Kwok, Lap Wa (Andy). Partner and Project Advisor.
Kenneth bOK. Partner and official Ambassador of Singapore.
Noriko Mitsui. Partner and official ambassador to Japan.
Jonathan Jacob Attiya. Specialist of BlockChain system.
Expert Ratul Saha. Specialist disorders BlockChain.
Ro Charlz. Regional Adviser in the Singapore market.
Cíntia Tatiana Vasconcelos Pino. Head of marketing and External Relations department of the project.
Rafael Weinberger. Marketing and digital communication manager.
Elena Tarasenko. Head of the executive team, director of the journal Horyou New York.
Vivian Soares. Responsible for Mediasvjaz and digital content Manager.
Adrian Oliveira. Marketing and public relations manager.
Blaze Pascal Tangy. Adviser Horyou Africa and coordinator of Horyou TV Africa.
Haris Bollozos. Regional Adviser in the Philippines.
Maria Jose Duran. International.
Mile Tejada. Regional Adviser in the field of non-profit organizations.
Jonathan Horin. Co-founder of Junikorns, advisor to Horyoutoken.
Julien Broder. Leading specialist of BlockChain system.
Mark Majewski. BlockChain Engineer.
Brian Wilson Horju. Partner and advisor.
Thibault Verbiest. Adviser.

Conclusion :
I would like to say that we have so many social sites that are littered with “obscene ” and deceitful advertising, unfortunately, so little positive and useful information. Team Horyou offers us a completely new social network, which can be a lot. I hope the company ICO will be well and this project will not be lost, but become a good helper for people all over the world. The more detailed information you can find below:

Website: https://tge.horyoutoken.io
Whitepaper: https://whitepaper.horyoutoken.io
Twitter: https://twitter.horyoutoken.io
Medium: https://medium.horyoutoken.io
Reddit: https://reddit.horyoutoken.io
Youtube: https://youtube.horyoutoken.io
Telegram: https://telegram.horyoutoken.io

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