HIGHREWARDCOIN Investment Instrument Based on New Generation Blockchain

HighRewardCoin is a monetary system that is built on top of the Ethereum platform combines all the best traits of this platform. We continue to improve the bot to avoid many mistakes by humans during trading on exchanges globally. People often get carried away emotions, moods and other external factors. trading bots our company free of risk and therefore we can guarantee maximum profits. We invest significant resources into the development of core network in order that our bot will be able to expand the spectrum of traded instruments and work with a broader scope of Exchange and financial products

The referral system in which each participant will benefit in accordance with step

HighRewardCoin trade token will include a wallet in which users can store, track and handle their personal funds of the HRC. its interface will provide you with an easy and automated tools to purchase tokens and investment backlog as well as current assets. this wallet is designed to be used in the sale of the token and the active HRC space denganberikut. It is based on the Protocol on strategic ERC20 Ethereum and assumed to be used to store a token HRC exclusively. our HRC wallet is currently in development and will be presented shortly so you will be able to save your token in the wallet is based on our proprietary platform.

HighRewardCoin has developed the token that corresponds to standard ERC20 rooted in the Ethereum’s book and allows an efficient implementation of token HRC.
ERC20 is the reference protocol that ensures the compatibility of the coins, which contributes to the survival of the HRC cryptospace. This means all the coins based on ERC20 various token Ethereum follow strictly defined standards. to integrate a specific series of commands into the smart contract in terms of proper implementation,

To have access to the following functions:
Generate a total reserve of coin
Calculate balance wallet
Send tokens
Confirmation of the transfer of coins

HighRewardCoin platform will be accessible to our customers after the scheduled beginning of ICO’s sales. This platform will give our users the original accounts and customized with the tools to participate in ICO, utilizing a digital wallet, join affiliate programs and loans. Keep track of your schedule and register for the ICO draws maximum benefit from our platform and testified to the efficiency and usefulness of the tools provided, the settings and options.
At the moment we have a ready platform for PC and mobile device web browsers and is planning the launch of mobile applications for the most popular system that will be available at the Apple Store and Google Play.

The number of tokens that you purchase will be automatically submitted to the wallet on HighRewardCoin platform, and the same is true for the coins were allocated to members of the affiliate program as soon as a referral is approved. The coins are stored in the wallet until finalization ICO, and after that you can choose to send them to one of the listed stock on our site where they can be traded.

Simple transfer
convenient remittance of assets
Fast P2P transaction directly
The total number of restricted tokens
HighRewardCoin is completely free from Government or banking management
Big book blockchain ensure your funds from hackers, scammers, and violence.
The name of the coin: High Reward Coin
Symbol: HRC
Platform: Ethereum
Total Supply: HRC 12 million
Total Sale ICO: 9,240,000 HRC
Total Refferal and Bounty: 10% of intermittent HRC
Token Sale Price: 0.8 $-$1.75 = 1 HRC
Price after ICO: $15
Sell Tokens will be open from 20.01.2018 – 20.02.2018
Soft cap: $1 million
Hard cap: $12,730,000 (this number can be lowered)

Website : http://www.highrewardcoin.io
White paper: https://highrewardcoin.io/HRC%20whitepaper%20en.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/highrewardcoin_official
Twitter : https://twitter.com/highrewardcoin

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