Hibtc Digital currency Was Not Only an Application of Blockchain Technology

HIBTC – Most likely, you already know a lot about the possibilities of cryptocurrency. Some of the users have learned to successfully invest in the ICO, and some have engaged in trading. Both professional and novice traders use a lot of tools in their work. The choice of the exchange is of great importance. In our today’s overview of the pits, we will tell you about one of the most convenient exchanges with advanced opportunities. Introducing the project HIBTC.

The primary task of the project creators was to work on the concept of design and advanced technologies. HIBTC guarantees US high efficiency and safety in the process of trading assets. Each participant in the project will be able to count on the effective achievement of investment goals, worry about security and privacy not

HIBTC is a unique opportunity to exchange the “1 + 1” Currency format with 2-channel mode. The cost of transactions is 0.1% of the received assets.
In all cases of transactions in HIBTC generated commission. The system transfers the rewards daily, according to market prices.
Exactly half (50%) Coins of Nick System are received as remuneration according to the mining model “transaction + token”. Token holders benefit from the distribution of profits.

Also, it is already known that the financial unit will provide investors with the widest choice of investment goals and risk hedging opportunities.
The creators stated that they created an exceptionally transparent and fair environment. Within the framework of the project, a token is created – hibt, 10 bln. Coins. digital assets will give users broader rights in a system.
The company stated that the income will be regularly distributed among all the owners of the coins.
Within the framework of the platform will work the scheme “Transaction + token” (we will receive evidence and validity of time and fairness). Half of the HIBT tokens will be distributed among the users, which is possible due to transaction payment processing. The project will present a special bonus program on dividends. Nick will be able to join the program with the help of the HIBT coin. On the feed of these dividends in the system will be a lot of other bonuses.
In general, when a user conducts transactions, in addition to the target assets, it will be able to rely on the generated with the use of HIBT with the base dividends and bonuses.
All information about dividends is transparent, will be published in online mode. The stability of the coin price has a positive impact on the user’s enthusiasm.

The HIBT account will be blocked in the fund account until the end of the production. Bonuses will be paid for these tokens ‘ dividends. Other coins are used for redemption of tokens in the secondary market, which is blocked in the accounts of the Fund. Upon completion of the production, all assets, including HIBT and dividends, will be fully owned by the token holders. Thereafter, further plans will be promulgated for some time.

Total distribution of coins:

-50% (5 billion tokens) mining share;
— 18% (1.8 bln. HIBT) Pool of mutual fund;
— 25% (2.5 bln. HIBT) will share a team of founders and strategic partners;
-5% (500 mln. HIBT) The share of early investors;
-2% (200 million tokens) market promotion pool.

Site and documentation

The Project Web page has been translated from English into Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Spanish, and Portuguese. Online mode shows all the most popular currency pairs. Whitepaper – Only in English, is written in a simple and clear language, occupies only 18 pages.

Hyip in social. Networks

The team does not specifically seek to popularize the standard methods quickly. To date (September 9), in the main English-speaking group of telegrams – 5489 subscribers, Twitter – 783, there is a profile in FB.

Road Map
From July 14, the Exchange HIBTC opened for registration, and already on August 18 was launched version 1.0. From September 18, voting functions will be available, and in November, also, on the 18th, a convenient mobile application of the project is launched. Another month the team promises to launch a number of additional financial instruments.

HIBTC  In the long run, the project expects to exclude all kinds of information barriers between users and companies. The structure that HIBTC creates will be shared and distributed, all token holders will be able to take part in voting on important decisions.

In the network, there is information that the project HIBTC has great support in Vietnam, however, somewhat concerned about the lack of any data on the team on the site and in the documentation of the project. Anyway, the idea of a project that is very unique.. The fact of high dividends and rather low entrance barriers cannot but please.

Website : https://www.hibtc.com
Whitepaper: https://www.hibtc.com/om/about/en-us/whitepaper.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HiBTC_Exchange
Telegram: https://t.me/www_HiBTC_com1

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