HEROTOKEN – Promoting Financial Inclusion, Transparency, and Efficiency in Southeast Asia

HERO TOKEN- Southeast Asian countries have growth the internet very quickly. Southeast Asia, including the fourth largest area in the world with an acceleration in the growth of internet users. The magnitude of the internet users in southeast asia, Asean makes a huge market if  well

In Asean, out of a total population of setting, of data that only 27% are  bank account. Most don’t have bank accounts, and at least having a bank account is in the Philippines. See Southeast Asian internet users very much so this is a great business opportunity and have the chance of a huge

Hero, able to read data in Southeast Asia and try to do a major revolution in the world Digital by issuing a token Hero. Hero is a banking transaction that brought a new concept in Southeast Asia by using a decentralized system based Blockchain. Given the market cryptocurrency the middle of the rose leaves with very good (kust Bitcoin melangit so trend posotif altcoin also ascertained will be increasingly tingg price).

Hero will make new breakthroughs in the world of banking in southeast asia so that the credit process becomes very easy for the ubanker or underbanker. Unbangker are people who have money but could not keep it in the bank, while underbanker is a person otherwise

Visions Hero Token in the banking world
Vision of project Hero token is to reform in the financial system that exists today. Banking in Southeast Asia have the potential to 2 billion users and by the existence of a system of Heto token, all things about of in banking will be easy and more affordable

large projects have been supported by the big market in the business world, that Alibaba and Softbank also. The company has a profile that is very nice, and brilliance in its business does not need to be in v again. Alibaba and Softbank were able to read the future in the world that the positive trend of the world Blockchain will be very bright so that two of these vendors work together to build partnerships to achieve success in the future

Hero moving Etherum platform Blockchain uses a very sophisticated and have a high transparency …. so all goes well and the system automatically. Hero as one of Cryptocurrency is very familiar with the world of the Blockchain so it was able to realize a bright future with Blockchain. Blockchain itself has an excellent reputation and very able to open participation in the sectoral economics with a portion of the same

Bright Future Hero Token
bright future in front of the eyes If joining the Hero token. Imagine if in the future where the unbanker and underbanker can memberkan detaik loans and the loan will be tracked very well by Hero Token. With Hero Token is easy and everything will be able to increase lending to much more but in a more efficient and affordable remains

a major goal of the project undertaken by the Hero of the token is to help those who often experience barriers in financial problems and difficulty in accessing the banking. Hero Token present to change the old concepts into something new in the industry of. At its core the goal Hero token is to realize the benefits to all parties but still friendly with social conditions.

Every holder of a token investment Hero will benefit from interest income Hero Token up to 20%. The more tokens belonging to it will be more and greater revenue per month, all income will be shared by companies with transparent

companies can use a percentage of profits to buy back Hero token from the open market or in market exchange with market prices prevailing at the time the higher the value of the token that the market will be more nice make this company great and increasingly also for holders of a token because percent his advantage will larger each month. Hero tokens that use blockchain technology it will be a positive impact for those less satisfied long service in the system and will further be facilitated in doing on a platform of Hero this token

Opportunities Join Hero Token
Everyone has the right to follow project besah owned by Hero this token. Hero token tried to open opportunities for success achieved together. This is a very exciting opportunity and do not let you miss. Hero token percaa that Blockchain will have a base with a very bright, and South-East Asia is one of the magnitude of the market

if you want to join Hero token, then you can make a purchase token Hero during the ICO is going to get a lot of bonuses as a token of appreciation to the support Hero. Do not let this golden opportunity missed for granted because this opportunity is limited to

Gains in investments ICO Hero token
prices: 1 ETH = 200 Hero Token.

Bonuses will be offered to those who want to buy at the beginning of
the purchase on the first day for the first three hours get + 30% bonus token;
Purchase on the first day in three hours over the gain + 20% bonus token;
Purchase on day two and three get + 10% bonus token;
Purchase on day four to seven days to get a + 5% bonus token;
Purchase on day eight to two weeks get a + 2.5% bonus token;
* Purchase of more than two weeks of not getting a bonus.

Website: https://www.herotoken.io
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