Heroic – The Future of AI-Powered Cybersecurity

Heroic – Securing cybersecurity has been a pressing issue for years. No matter how fast the industry develops, the hackers develop their skills even faster. There are numerous options for hacker attacks. Moreover, they are relevant with the advent of cryptocurrency. No one can be sure of the security of their information resources. What determines the need for the project HEROIC Cyber grow and take new and new forms so quickly that the Kiberbezapasnosti system does not have time to respond to them.

Much in our lives depends on the credibility of technology. Almost everything we use every day depends on them: from alarms and toasters to children’s toys and cars. As devices become more complex, more intelligent, and more interconnected, serious security and privacy risks are emerging. The most important details of our lives are stored on these devices and related cloud services, these data range from our medical records to our banking information and private correspondence with family and friends.

Existing solutions to this problem are not able to keep up with the growing number and complexity of threats attacking the system. The threat detection methods that are used today cannot identify and deal with new, previously unfamiliar threats.

What is the HEROIC project?
The HEROIC project aims to provide cybersecurity both from current threats and from new generation threats. For these purposes will be created ecosystem purpose of which is the open exchange of information about threats called HEROIC ARC/project developers to believe that the combination of available information on cyber, artificial intelligence and blockchain- The ideal formula for cybersecurity.

About HRO Token
The HRO token will be used to stimulate cooperation within the HEROIC ARC ecosystem. Developers are confident that the Kiberbezopasnoti system developed by them can be used in thousands of applications and token HRO will become the new world standard in cybersecurity.
Learn more about the HEROIC ARC ecosystem
The HEROIC ARC ecosystem consists of several components:
1. Decentralized exploration platform Cyber HEROIC arc reactor ( “ARC reactor”);
2. Cloud-based Unified threat management system HEROIC Guardian (“keeper “);
3. Research environment (“R & D Environment “) for developers.

The goal of the first component is to create an accessible platform that will contain information about cyber. Information about Kibreugrozah will be supplied with all the details from the suppliers to be analyzed and presented in the most convenient way. The second component is a database of information on cyber consumers. It allows you to foresee and prevent different kinds of cyber. Who has the information that rules the world, as they say? The 3 component is an environment in which developers can analyze incoming information to share experiences and prevent cyber.

The ecosystem unites 3 groups of people
1 individuals are consumers.
They will be equipped with security software. They will also have a secure HRO purse – they can earn tokens by sharing with the ecosystem information about Kiberatkah. The information will be analyzed and provided to users.
2. The developers
They are provided with an environment where they can test, analyze incoming information, create and promote secure software, and of course, they will earn HRO tokens.
3. Organizations.
They too will have access to the ecosystem and will be providers of great information. They can use ecosystem information to predict and prevent cyber and to be information providers, create secure software, and, of course, earn tokens.

Token information
Name HRO (pronounced as Hero)
Number of 1 billion
Hardkap $41 million
The price of 1 token will be a Zavesitot sale, approximately will be $0.1125

25% to encourage participation in the ecosystem for suppliers of cyber information
25% for HEROIC Growth Fund

Conclusion :
Heroic The project developers have set the goal of solving one of the most pressing problems. This is especially true for Kriptosredy-while at stake are very valuable things. The project will create a  which will be a repository of information about cyber that will predict and overcome them. To fill the ecosystem, supplier information will be stimulated by HRO tokens. The project is very interesting, mentioned in Forbs, Coincentral, the street and so on:
The partners of the project are such serious companies as Google, IBM, etc.:

Website: https://tokensale.heroic.com
White Paper: https://tokensale.heroic.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/HEROIC_White_Paper_V1.pdf
ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3992644.0
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Twitter: https://twitter.com/heroiccyber
Telegram: https://t.me/heroicdotcom

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