HELEX TOKEN Open a New Offshore Company

Helex is a centralized solution and to provide suitable solutions for customers. Helex group is registered in the Republic of Seychelles with a competent team of experienced investment fund management, as well as asset management and compliance. The total registered companies in the area have the authority? Coast to protect the identity of the customer and avoid high taxes Helex. Helex can make investors increased 51% benefit for each customer they bring because of the tax by Helex not.

Helex is an exclusive service because of relevant Helex closely with local agencies in the world, which provide great access to a wide range of products and services regardless of location. Helex connected world about the ability to decrypt with the real world of professional and personal. Signs of Helex, built on the Ethereum network, can be used to pay for services such as buying real estate and luxury car anywhere in the world. With the head of Helex, set in Dubai and Europe, it will open up in a new country in the different countries, as embodied on the Helex street maps.
Currently, investors have assets in Crypto, do not see the possibility of using the traditional purchasing power of the currency. In this case, there are difficulties in shopping for luxury cars or other valuable items. However, the Corporation Helex do this can in a very simple way. Thanks for the best service, Helex Corporation also simplifies the ability to buy and own client/real-world value.

Are you a Tech Investor? If your answer is YES, then the Helex Corporation welcome you home; where in the world the ability to decode and the real world is found in the blockchain bridge the technology that they use to manage the Helex card in a system of reliable and safe and there is no interference or control by Government Helex, offers a free service for all customers. Helex provides personal service to customers; adapted to the demand.
All customers can own property under their own name or create a coastal company to protect their names. Helex will always respect the local laws of each State and the State and to always be consulted by lawyers and notaries until the addition to the local international lawyers.
Helex symbol is encrypted, is designed as a method of payment for all services of Helex. It is based on the Ethereum Blockade, a secure platform and permissions allow payments between users around the world.
Helex will be added to the stock in the second quarter of the year 2018, where all users can purchase and Exchange. Helex will add benefit to the founder, diamonds, and gold from investors to keep their card. Under the details of Helex, all the information of the Helex created his own savings on air units.

Helex can create the sign Erc20 in Ethereal. Control your own resources is vital and important. The advantage is that they create the signs help customers to use as a means of payment for the project and other commercial activities easier. The stock market is to use.
Helex checks smart contract code and has the responsibility to call the Eterscan, Coinmarketcap and Eidoo e-wallet to check all your information. Extremely important that your listing contract is tested and are reputable.

Helex helps you ensure that your Tokere Ethereum listed is the Exchange and let you know where the Exchange may be better for you and help you choose the best sign for your card.
Helex Group develops solutions customized solutions to meet the needs of customers and provide other opportunities around the world.
Our development team
In the Helex group, the research group believes that all people, regardless of their nationality, have the right to equally participate in the sale of the Helex token, and because the company is registered in the offshore jurisdictions You can join people from around the world and there is no age restriction. Thanks to the great of the Helex group we also make it easy for customers to buy and own property/goods of value in the real world. This platform provides personalized service to customers; adapted to individual needs.

Helex Corporation develops custom solutions to meet the needs of customers and provide other opportunities available in the different countries of the world. The main reason for security is Helex Corporation, give our clients anonymity for their property or other group provides the services they receive.
All customers can own property under their own name or create a foreign company to protect their names. Helex Group respects local laws in every State or States and is always recommended by the notary and the local lawyers along with the international lawyers.
The company’s vision is to give investors complete freedom and anonymity in this Foundation sponsorship period and for all the services provided by the platform. After completion of the ico, a token Helex will be distributed, will be published on the web pages and social networking channels.

Basic information about the Helex tokens
Token: Helex
Token symbol: HLX
Decimal number: 1
Total supply: 5 million units
Contract: 0x9A00D6564945681018619Fc8957C798c2Bc7C9Fc

Website: https://helex.world
Luxpaper: https://helex.world/Luxpaper.pdf
ANN : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2971434
Twitter: https://twitter.com/helexcorp
Telegram: https://t.me/helextoken
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/helexcorp

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