HDAC : Blockchain and objects of internet combining the project

HDAC – this article is fairly new to you I’d like to talk about the project of “Hdac”. Bitcoin and crypto, and how to use it in real life, such as currencies have question marks about us is that we all have in common is the problem and this is the best solution we’ve been looking for on the road is the most reliable and you thinking that Hdac in our lives I’d like to introduce that will improve quality of Hdac. This project is ICO, crypto there is among the enthusiasts. A short definition Hdac’s may not be sufficient to tell you, but at least it will help you get the idea. For more detailed information, please visit the website (https://hdac.io).
The number of investors in the world is increasing and a lot of bitcoin bitcoin financial is on the verge of entering the market. Therefore world bitcoin is regarded as “the main currency of kriptopara”. Bitcoinden altcoin is the largest throughput Ethereum. In June, ETH/BTC although now reached to rate 0.15 0058 levels. In addition, using technology from Ethereum smart contract and serious bottlenecks in the process spent gas common has been causing problems. This is altcoin that implements the smart Ethereum contract for serious problems. This is due to a significant threat for bitcoin anymore Ethereum. A very similar example as shown in the daily life of a kriptopara that cannot be used in place of Bitcoin never understood that cannot navigate.

Why Hdac? -Can be adapted, because daily life
HDAC – Bitcoin and although many, such as Crypto Ethereum currency, you can establish a connection to both everyday Hdac and goes beyond an investment method is a form of a crypto-money. So in the near future, the fourth industrial revolution depends on a thriving digital innovations with quite community will occur. Advanced technology, crypto currency, block chain and Iot (Internet, Objects) by combining the use of future generations. The only investment values as opposed to currency other crypto, crypto, the success of money in everyday life depends on how often and will serve easily. Hdac, only profitable investment method by the use of enriched daily life beyond a widely used method of payment and beyond.
Hdac technologically very different. The Foundation of the Iot is based on the platform. Other payment methods are much faster processing speed and other almost instantly IOT devices data can be transferred. As a goal, contracts, settlements, credit and investment, tax and bill payments are seen as cars with leases and significantly ease of payment. Although similar systems this is a practical method, such as Hdac.

IOT (the Internet of objects)
ICBM or Iot or Cloud vs. global industry market this technology, named as the fourth industrial revolution is regarded as one of the promising new technology. Objects in the Internet “is uniquely addressable objects amongst themselves a common worldwide network and create this network of objects in a specific Protocol to be in communication with each other with” is defined as. Moreover, this concept is roughly; Thanks to a variety of communication protocols to communicate with each other and connect to each other with each other, by sharing information and created a smart network devices system it is possible to define as. However, to achieve this, the connection between the devices and reliability should be provided. In other words, the Internet is included with insecurity and eliminate the security threat is vital.
IOT applications Blockchain for use
Smart home or factory-like environment, equipped with various sensor devices (IOT) and these are dependent on each other tightly. Taking into account the conditions of each device can be operated in a reliable manner, it is possible to create a custom blockchain. Custom block chains only authenticates users, but also devices registration of authentication, transaction detail between Iot Sözleşmesininde to work. In addition, this special block chain, currently running a generic block chain is to interact with. What we’re going to create for a block as well as shackles and micro-payment often will block chain P2P payments.

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