GSC AVIATION Navigate to the Heart of a Revolution

GSC AVIATION The continuous growth of the aviation sector, coupled with the traditional approach to supply chain management, is hampering industry participants. You are given a new technological solution that can secure supply chains and optimize the company’s processes.

The GSC Platform Team believes in the evolutionary potential that blockchain can provide to the processes of detail tracking, logistics and buyers. The GSC platform will increase flight safety and reduce costs in the aviation supply chain sector.

The purpose of the platform is to improve flight safety and to ensure scalability savings for aerospace players by optimizing the supply chain as a whole.
Quick Search
Thanks to the search engine, the GSC aviation platform allows you to find suppliers close to you. Thanks to the system of ratings indexed by the search engine, the best suppliers appear first in your results.

Optimized information
The detailed identity documents stored in the database allow you to quickly access the information of each provider.

Centralized tender
According to your needs for goods and services, select suppliers and define criteria at your discretion and make a request for tenders in a few clicks.

Regular and effective vendor tracking
The GSC platform provides each customer with an information panel with a list of information about the supplier and their past cooperation. This technical and easy-to-use tool for the buyer allows you to save time and focus on strategic purchases and tasks with higher added value for your company.
Monitoring and tracking
To manage the planned obsolescence of equipment, information is stored and protected in Blockchain GSC Aviation. Blockchain can warn its customers MRO, Airlines and CAMO about the checks and tests that will be performed for each product. The visibility of this information also allows you to anticipate the order of products at the end of their potential and thus achieve an effective search with optimal purchasing conditions.

GSC Aviation’s Blockchain technology is used to store and protect the entire life cycle of an aircraft. From manufacturing to aircraft installation, through general inspections, repairs or major repairs in the workshop. Due to the Blockchain technology and the ideal traceability of aerospace parts, the aircraft will become safer and the safety of passengers and crew first of all.

For whom this platform
Initially, the platform’s users are customers and suppliers in the aviation industry or suppliers who offer indirect procurement products and services for the sector.

The organizations responsible for monitoring airworthiness (CAMO), MRO in airlines that control the parts installed on aircraft, and want to anticipate their supply and subcontracting, as well as improve the safety of their customers ‘ flights. Finally, aviation authorities around the world can confirm information through blockchain using the GSC platform to dispel doubts after the audit.

When will the platform be available
The launch of the GSC aviation platform will enter into force in the first quarter of 2019 after all the tests have been passed by aviation specialists. This will be done in collaboration with Christoph Costa (CEO of Flydynamics) so that the launch date can completely match the expectations of the customers.

How the platform can provide scalability savings
By increasing the efficiency of the platform’s supply chain processes, customers can save precious time and focus on strategic purchases and value added for companies. GSC, reliable solution, inexpensive and easy to set up. This allows for effective scalability in the long run.

How the platform can provide increased air safety
Blockchain technology provides the ideal traceability of all available equipment in the GSC aviation database. Secured, genuine, and instantly available. This reliable and accurate information will bring a complete security guarantee for all MRO and airlines. Thus, accidents due to human error significantly decrease. Moreover, the use of blockchain GSC Aviation will allow access to all elements and documents of the equipment throughout their life cycle, from creation to retirement.

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