GREENTOKEN – The largest Mining Farm with Free electricity

GREENTOKEN – All over the world, the problem of environmental pollution is stronger. Every year increases the level of toxic gases in the atmosphere, climate change is becoming more and more noticeable, and flora and fauna are increasingly suffering from the amount of debris thrown in the sea and oceans or piled up on overflowing dumps throughout the globe.

Every day, growing mountains in landfills, on the beaches around the world with each storm thrown out a huge amount of aluminum cans and plastic bags. An increasing proportion of the population is aware that if no action is taken, perhaps after a few years of nature will be irreparable damage that the fix can no longer succeed.

Many companies and individuals are conducting various promotions designed to help reduce the resulting nature of the damage. Not lagging behind and representatives of show business and people of art-their projects or exhibitions, and also directly through their art, they try to bring to this problem an increasing amount of attention not only by other citizens but also governments.

Greentoken-Startup to create an effective and ecologically clean waste processing complex in Kazakhstan. Thanks to the support of both power and population, venture investors and credit funds give a 100% guarantee on the project implementation in the presence of 10% of their own funds.

Greentoken-obtained in the process of processing synthesis-gas uses for the production of heat and electricity through the gas turbine and gas-piston generators, and the synthesis-gas uses for the production of foam glass.

When producing electricity from generators allocated a huge amount of thermal energy, which is sent to the heating of a modern greenhouse complex on the area of 20 hectares with the system ultra-climate.

This can be carried out with the help of the Pyrolynogo reactor, which carries out waste without oxygen access at a temperature up to 1300 degrees Celsius. When processing is produced synthesis-gas-a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen. The synthesis gas also receives methanol, dimethyl ester, hydrogen, etc. Chemical Products.

To qualitatively approach to solving this problem, it is necessary to understand the presence of different types of wastes.

 Household wastes-wastes, which emit citizens from their homes, institutions. Especially dangerous debris from plastic, which is not subjected to decomposition and can lie in the earth tens, hundreds of years.
 Biological wastes of public nourishment, sanitary and hygienic establishments.
 Industrial wastes arising from production and technological works. They negatively affect not only the atmosphere but also on the water resources of the planet. Lead to contamination of the world’s ocean waters, biological performance decreases and adversely affects the Earth’s climate in general
 Radioactive wastes are unsuitable for the use of gases, solutions, various materials and products, biological objects containing radioactive substances in higher than the permissible quantity rate. In Russia has accumulated enough of its nuclear waste, the country for processing and further storage is driven by radioactive debris from other countries
 Medical wastes-wastes, produced by medical establishments. Of the total amount of medical waste is about 2-3%, it is one of the most dangerous waste. They may contain highly hazardous, self-proliferation of pathogens, if they simply throw away on polygons, the possible risk of spreading bacteria, resulting in the outbreaks of various epidemics.

Ways of Waste recycling

Currently, the following types of utilization operate:

Natural expansions in the natural environment.
Burial on landfills.
Allocation of useful components and recycled processing.
The quality of the environment is constantly deteriorating, natural landscapes are being destroyed. Hundreds of thousands of hectares of land, suitable for agricultural activities, die under the blockages of rotting wastes.

Despite the enormous scale, the problem of waste utilization is decisive. In February 2018, Greentoken successfully conducted tests on a smaller reactor in Germany, in the laboratory of German engineer Doctor of Technical Sciences Hear Unger, author and patent owner of technology, which allowed to calculate the obtained synthesis-gas and coke from waste, That make up the main array of debris in the area. It is proved that the reactor is not explosive, as it operates at atmospheric pressure, the exhaust pipe does not require filters. At the same time, garbage is recycled without contact with the environment.

Greentoken-presents us with a truly unique waste processing technology, while using all the trash as a resource, to produce energy and produce finished products. It is such projects that create a strong hope that our future will be environmentally friendly, and the next generation to see all miracles of our truly amazing planet!

This area requires innovative approaches and solutions because it depends on the life and prosperity of mankind not only at the moment but also in the future. That is why what is involved in the company Greentoken is so important. They saw in a chuckle not only a problem but also a resource that can be used on getting useful products, simultaneously helping to cope with the global problem pollution of planet debris from human life.

Token: GTN
Platform: Ethereum Dates
Sales Dates: 10.09.2018-10.10.2018
Type of Token: ERC20
Price of Token: 0.1500000000 USD
Total Tokenov: 500 million
Available for sale: 80%
The role of Token: Utility-Token
Min. Purpose of collecting: 20 000 000 USD
Max. Purpose of collecting: 30 000 000 USD

Greentoken-is a meaning crypto with a lifetime free green electricity based on a non-waste plant for recycling debris. That is actually investing in this project you have a unique opportunity to get more profit and while taking care of the environment.


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