Go With Mi – Mapping the World on Blockchain

Gowithmi – The Gowithmi project is a digital platform that tries to create the world’s first infrastructure network of decentralized location services (dlbs). Gowithmi will provide a complete and reliable geospatial data exchange service focused on large business, working with data, computers, personal, commercial and environmental organizations. This will lead to multidimensional, more secure and reasonable price and cost flows. Such use of blockchain technology can find application in the real economy.

The platform is based on such integrated concepts as lbs, Super Oracle and Consensus Map. They allow to stimulate participation and allow each user to get the benefit.
The dlbs platform includes a complete set of map localization, search and query, route navigation, network, and peripheral information retrieval, and spatial analysis. All data and services work on innovative technologies Gowithmi. The first “spatial computing blockchain Gaia”. Gaia can implement the storage of the blockchain data, takes into account the decentralization and high efficiency of EOS, access to mining with equal rights and the ability to resist the control of a pool of meaning.

Super Oracle is designed to create a link between the outside world and the internal component of the blockchain circuit. The so-called trusted gateway mechanism is required for a seamless connection between these two components. This feature can provide a trigger response based on trusted location data. This actively contributes to the rapid development of distributed networks related to the location.

Consensus Map
About 4 billion people in the world, out of about 60% of developing countries, are still unable to use quality cartographic services. Gowithmi The reason is that the scale of map data is highly dependent on the collection of global information at a high cost, which even Google can not afford. Consensus Map Project Gowithmi uses a new approach by creating the first series of spatial consensus mechanism, which allows people in any corner of the world to jointly maintain a databook map without any restrictions.

Thanks to the sophisticated design of consensus gaming mechanisms such as Proof of Mapping (PoM) and Spatial Bancor, the platform is able to solve the main problems of the cartographic industry, such as co-production, automatic supervision and evaluation Cost.
Consider the Gowithmi token mechanism. The Gowithmi project uses the GMAT and Gozone double token principle.
GMAT is a tool for estimating, storing and stimulating the value of Gowithmi, as well as a general authority to maintain a map of environmental construction. All services on the platform are calculated using the GMAT token. The token is also used for payment and settlement. Also, GMAT owners have the right to vote in the community. The total amount of tokens issued. GMAT is 14.9 billion and it will never be increased.

Gozone is a virtual land rights account based on ERC-721 on the Gowithmi platform. It can only be purchased through bidding using the GMAT token.
This concludes the review. In conclusion, I would like to say that such a project has every chance of success in the crypto community and to bring profit to its investors in the near future.

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