Globitex (GBX): Linking Digital Currency to Global Trade

Globitex Criptocurrency is the Exchange that promises to be your link to the institutional level trading bitcoin. This platform is currently in beta that is invite only, even though the company was first established in the year 2015. This platform was developed secretly for more than two years before launching a beta version earlier in the year 2017.
On October 17, Globitex announced the sale of tokens that will come. Funds from the sale of the token will be used to facilitate changes to the steps in the trading volume and liquidity. Sale token beginning on 8 November.
The overall goal is, according to Globitex website, to promote the industry of bitcoin globally, increasing the liquidity of trading and permitting bitcoin professional traders to participate through the interface API (FIX & Developed) to trade and payment.
Globitex Limited is a private limited company incorporated in Gibraltar. The company was wholly owned by Globitex Holding, a U.S.-based organization in Latvia.
The company was founded, according to the clerk, “by a team of traders to bring expertise and vision to industry bitcoin.” Prior to launching Globitex, the team worked together for many years in asset management, in which they primarily trade commodities spot and derivatives on a global derivatives and futures exchanges.
A key member of the Executive team include Globitex Jon Matonis (Chairman), Liza Aizupiete (Managing Director), Arvis Ermins (Director and head of Compliance), and Maris Kaneps (Director and head of it).

How It Works Globitex
Beta Globitex allows the user to swap the bitcoin and Euro. You can sign up online at, where you can sign in as a client, the client (by invitation), or register and get an invitation.
Globitex fully comply with EU standards of AML. Overall, Globitex is the exchange of institutional levels of the bitcoin aims to offer unmatched FIRE capability for direct market access.
Token GBX utility is an important part of the ecosystem Globitex. This token is primarily used for the settlement of trades on the stock Globitex. It also serves as a token payment of commissions. GBX token will also work with a planned loyalty program for the clients and contributors to Globitex.
GBX token will be used to cover the payment of commissions for trades done on the platform of Globitex – similar to how the token has been working with other exchanges before. Clients that use tokens as payment to merchant GBX will be able to enjoy the bonus of 20% (i.e., the token they will be worth 20% more when paying transaction fees, if they pay using EUR).
Forward, Globitex is planning to apply spot FX and REPO. If they achieve a higher funding targets through the ICO they, the company plans to develop the money market bitcoin (Bitcoin Inter-Broker Offered Rate or BIBOR), futures and options on futures options are completed, and the future kriptocurrency, swaps, and options.
If they sold 500 million token GBX, Globitex will have Globitex worth of commodities index bitcoin (GCOM) and precious metals futures contracts that are physically delivered.

Sale Token
Globitex is the exchange of the bitcoin has quietly developed over the past two years. Earlier this year, the company launched a beta version of the platform online. Currently, this platform offers trading institutional level for users of the bitcoin beta. To advance the development of the platform, the company has scheduled a sale of tokens for the month of November. The proof can be used to pay transaction fees on exchanges, among other perks.
Sales Globitex token (GBX) will start on November 8. The sale is scheduled to take place during one month (until December 7), or up to 72 hours after the close of a soft token GBX 500 million is reached.

Tokens will be sold for 0.10 EUR. You can contribute to the sale of the token with the XBT, ETH, or BCH. The bonus is available for early investors.
GBX token is the token that corresponds to ERC20 made in blockchain Ethereal. There are 500 million soft close token GBX. 80% of the total inventory of tokens will be distributed to users, with 20% going to the company.

Stage Of Business Development
In order to achieve the goals set, Globitex proposed a sale of Tokens, which will cover the publication and distribution of Token GBX. Sale Token will be done in stages, each of which represents the commitment of the team Globitex against specific business development purposes. This goal is divided into three main parts. Each section assumes a number of Token GBX sold, which in turn will open the results needed to progress through each stage of development which is set here.

First stage: the FX Spot and REPO
The expected token 10 million-50 million sales: GBX
Scale spot FX, where Bitcoin can be traded versus fiat and other crypto
FX margin trading abilities apply-REPO

The second stage: BIBOR, money market and derivative Commodity
The expected token sales: 50 million-150 million GBX
Develop money market Bitcoin-BIBOR
Make a list of the options and commodity futures cash
List of crypto currencies futures, swaps and options

The third stage: Commodity Index and Physical Commodities GCOM
The expected token sold 150 million-500 million GBX
The list price of the commodity index with Bitcoin Globitex-GCOM
Enable valuable metals futures contracts to be submitted physically
Further develop and expand its warehousing infrastructure commodities spot

Details Of The Sale Of Tokens
Sales Schedule Token
8 November – 7 Desember 2017
Buy Token
Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash
Harga Token
1 GBX = EUR 0.10
5% – 15%
Total Pasokan Token
500.000.000 GBX

Jon Matonis – Chairman
Liza Aizupiete – Managing Director
Arvis Ermins – Director and Head of Compliance
Maris Kaneps – Director and Head of IT
Uldis Teraudkalns – Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Viesturs Tamuzs – Board Member
Andris Kaneps – Board Member
Mark O’Byrne – Bullion Dealer and Gold Market Analyst
Carlos Blanco – Risk Analyst and Financial Modelling Expert
Pierre Roberge – IT Security Expert
Mikko Ohtamaa – Technology Advisor
Ransu Salovaara – Token Sales Strategist