GLOBCOIN Open The Pre Sale Special

GLOBCOIN – is a digital coin produces the best aspects of all types of Cryptocurency service that exists today with the best aspects of fiat currency. The value of the coin (GLX) linked to a basket of currencies the fiat of the 15 countries with the world’s largest economy and Gold 5%. Its value reflects the world economy including the components and the new trends as the economies of developing countries such as China or India, while maintaining a good balance of currency of Western economies. Globoin has been launched in 2013 by a team based in Switzerland and the United Kingdom, the products with the brand of GRC “Global Reserve Curency” has been offered to big corporations and individuals with high net worth.
Currently, the company is sharing it with the entire people of the world to get this service, so this time have started to open a program that will bring benefit to participants who contributed to this project.

Globcoin opens up great opportunities for profit 30% on Pre-Sale stage. as a bona fide, Blobcoin always mengedeankan the interests of the customers with the orientation of the pursuit of profit. We give peuang great for this program by opening a special Presale.

Globcoin provides a special 30% bnus for subscriber who signed up through the address the terms sign up on two days before the opening of the ICO. ICO will begin on January 14, 2018. detailed information will be updated via the official website

During crypto token GCP global sales will only be available in wallet GLOBCOIN. After sale token that would be transferable to the exchanges and crypto wallet. At the moment we are discussing some crypto exchanges to the list of GCP after Token Sale.

The results of the funds from the Sale of the Token will be dedicated to the development of the platform, product the launch, marketing and PR, customer acquisition and partnership program. They will also finance the operations of GLOBCOIN for the next two years including the cost of legal and administration, operation, Administration, PR and marketing. This will allow us to hire the best talent in every field to reach a high level Goals we have as ambitions for GLOBCOIN.

1. Event making of GCP
GCP GLOBCOIN token creation process is structured around contracts intelligent running Wireshark. Participants who are willing to support the development of the project GLOBCOIN can do so by sending to the Eher address designated as such, they created the GCP GCP 100 per level at 1 ET. Participants must send an Ether to the address after the commencement of the period of crowdfunding (specified as block number). Crowdfunding end when the final block is created, or when the number of ether is sent to the account reaches a maximum

2. Summary
If the minimum threshold (10 000 ETH) is not reached after a period of ICO, ICO participants can claim their Ether return of the contract If the CAP is reached, the hard events will be closed automatically. The token will be transferable within 14 days after the end of the campaign of ICO.

Although the Reserve Currency Solutions SA and GLOBCOIN have been standing and well managed company An experienced team including management and digitization of fiat currency, we need additional resources to achieve our ambitious goals.
Funds from the Fund will fund:
-The budget for the continuation of the development platform includes inter-alia, infrastructure, market data, tools, simulation tools of portfolio management of currency, the creation of new products.
-Marketing and customer acquisition
-Partnership Program included with Exchange and platforms and acquisitions for synergy the development of the Operating costs: salaries, rent and other operating costs
-Legal fees and licenses required in various jurisdictions
-Legal support of 5%, an improvement of the structure of corporate law, the protection of investors. Intellectual property rights including patent rights, copyrights, industrial designs, trademarks. Milestone based on varying levels of funding received during the sale of Tokens:
-If the funds raised reaching at least 10,000 ETH GLOBCOIN will prepare the entire infrastructure launched the first basket (GLX) in Q2 2018. Partnerships with exchanges will be in Q1 2018.
-If the funds raised reaching at least 50,000 ETH, GLOBCOIN will be able to offer services in

GLOBCOIN multi currency Card which was released last year but restricted to fiat the currency. We will utilize the network effects is currently programmed and extend it to covered various countries and continents from time to time. GLOBCOIN will be the first program to add crypto-currency such as GLX to multi-currency card. Our partnership with the card issuer and experience in multiple currencies would be a great advantage to launch such a program.

-If the amount raised more than 100,000 ETH, GLOBCOIN will apply for a banking license to facilitate a bridge between the world of kriptocurrency and fiat currency. GLOBCOIN will also develop internationally and build a global community network “GLOBCOINER”. It will allow P2P operation as we offer to cardholders yet limited to population transfers and SEPA in Rupiah
only 6 of fiat currency

The legal status of digital token is still in development in various jurisdictions. Legislation and new regulations token could change the way it operates. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that we can implement some GLOBCOIN platform features like that and we reserve the right to change the terms of sale of the Token so. GCP is the token token utility designed to support transactions on the platform GLOBCOIN and to receive transaction costs and maintenance to offset service. We do not recommend buying GCP the token for the purpose of speculative investments. Token GCP does not give justice in any company not voting rights or rights to dividends. Evidence will be issued through the IT protocol open source called Blockchain Etereum Reserve Currency Solutions S.A.
(RCS) and related companies have no control over Ethereal network operations. They may not be held responsible in any way for any features that might affect the ownership of the token.


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