GIMMER The Smart Way to Invest in Digital Currencies

GIMMER Trade and investment in the criptocurrency can be time consuming and complex. You need to understand the complexity of trade and market criptocurrency complexity that is thriving and it is very easy to change. In order to be successful with your trading, you need to constantly monitor your trading. This is not a case of ‘ set and forget ‘, which means trading criptocurrency can not be accessed by a large number of potential investors.

There are an estimated 26 million people trade crypto worldwide. With more than 1,200 criptocurrency, and new ones are created every day, there are many things to be learned for all traders. To find this information, a lot of research needs to be done, who is also spending valuable time. The daily trading volume typically exceeds $11 billion, with an overall market share of more than $440 billion.
Introducing Gimmer
Gimmer has built as the cryptographic community-based trading platform that automatically where users interact, share, and learn together. It’s easy to use and accessible to all types of customers.

Experienced traders can quickly set up a bot using a point and click interface. They can rent out their trading strategies to other users through the bot, generate extra income while helping the community. Novice users can choose from a variety of ready-made trading bot solution built by experienced traders. Choose from solutions pay-as-you-go or free. No need for programming skills or trading experience before, making Gimmer is suitable for anyone who wants to invest in the market criptocurrency.

How Does Gimmer Work?
In a market that never sleeps, experienced traders and crypto fans are no longer chained to the monitor 24/7 them. Now, they can quickly and easily create trading strategies and trading team has its own Gimmer do all the buying and selling to them. Gimmer trade bots are configured through a simple point and select the interface so you don’t have to learn new skills or programming to create your strategy.

You can configure the bot Gimmer trade to include a number of trading indicators, safeties and the currency pair you want. After Setup, you can run the backtests to see how your strategy will be carried out during the previous trading period-this works using historical data. Gimmer trade bots connected directly and securely with Exchange kriptocurrency your choice, send commands to automatically buy and sell so you don’t need to do it.

Using bots Gimmer trade eliminates the possibility of human error, avoiding an expensive and emotional decisions that are important saves you have to memorize a complex trading strategies to your own.

Full Ownership
BOTS Gimmer and trading strategy is only owned by the user. The main internal policy we never control or interfere with the user’s BOT, which coincided with the economic principle that truly decentralized and shared, where great book distributed/Blockchain provides this capability.

All crypto keys (private and public) always kept by the user and stored on the computer/their wallets, both Gimmer nor other persons do not have access to it, just a user. Users are free to deal directly with the exchange of their own cardiac-crypto, unbeknownst to or disruption of the Gimmer and use their own token GMR for rent service BOT, buy feeder information data, and so on. Decentralized Gimmer platform, using a distributed P2P, ledger is what gives users full ownership over the data, trading strategy, and their BOTS.

When available, Gimmer will integrate with decentralized Exchange (DEXs) and decentralized data feed providers, creating a decentralized P2P trading platform a true and unique.
Gimmer empower BOTS to technology, strategy and integration of data feeds, creating a unique trading indicators.

Gimmer Ai-Engine -Gimmer AI-Engine horsepower will be this architecture, which connects several specific BOTS Cryptococcus, designed and optimized to make the best trade results for the end user. Gimmer-BOT AI development is continual effort because we understand that data and information changes over time and Machine Learning and AI algorithms on we need to be retrained to produce the best trading performance over the development of the market.

Gimmer Beta At the beginning of 2017, we released the public beta version of the Gimmer, a centralized application it is used primarily to validate the core functions of the trading bots. Beta was made available for a period of 4 months. We run a Google AdWords campaign is a small and simple budget amounting to $380, our average gain 4 new users per day and overall we have registered more than 800 active users.  The bot’s strategy made During beta testing, there were 7,170 crypto active trading bot strategy.
Backtests-beta users complete 12,893 backtests. The resulting profits-the most profitable Bot at that period was + 87% return over and above the organic growth of the coins.

Token Gimmer (GMR)
Gimmer Token (GMR), published in accordance with the law specified by DLT HM Government of Gibraltar. GMR token used to populate automated trading bots, adjusting strategy with indicators, safeties and some currency pairs and to hire trade bot strategy from other users. GMR was also used to reward and give incentives to customers through a variety of social and social schemes that benefit the community. GMR is the only payment accepted at Gimmer ecosystem. The token can be exchanged for GMR Exchange kriptocurrency.
Details Of The Sale Of Tokens

Details Of The Sale Of Tokens
Schedule 1-28 February 2018 Token Sales
The Purchase Token Ethereum
Price 2500 Tokens GMR/1 ETH
Bonus 5%-20%
A total of 110 million Token Supply GMR

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