Gilgamesh The first-ever knowledge-sharing social network platform based on Ethereum blockchain

Gilgamesh We are pleased to inform you about our new social networking platform-assigned Gilgamesh Platform. This platform is the first of its kind and aims to improve the flow of information and knowledge among readers. Knowing the impact of social media on knowledge sharing and easy for misinformation going on other social applications, we created a unique platform with focused functionality. Gilgamesh Platform will link the other readers readers and writers also form a solid knowledge sharing community. Gilgamesh Platform will help readers, writers and knowledge seekers to connect with one another and exchange information easily through onboarding process smooth and attractive.

Gilgamesh secure Platform powered by blockchain technology that uses the Ethereum smart contracts and IPFS. Users of this platform will be rewarded with the accepted token utility when they contribute to a productive platform. We believe that this social platform will enhance the smooth flow of information like the others seeking knowledge of the individual come onboard to increase their knowledge while getting ERC20tokens for their efforts. This token is also called token GIL and can be spent in-app products and services or to vote on a platform of Government.

As the world’s first social knowledge sharing platform, Gilgamesh has added features that are secure and private. Gilgamesh will also bridge the gap created by the Publishing House that acts as a middle man between readers and writers. The Publisher may be referred to as the curse of the share as most in control of the information flow between the reader and the writer’s knowledge. As intermediaries, publishers reduce the connection between writer and reader, to prevent the sharing of information and knowledge between the reader and the writer almost didn’t get feedback real time their books. Gilgamesh will eliminate this barrier by providing a platform where readers and writers can smoothly connections and exchange information and knowledge. The platform will encourage readers to read more, share and gain knowledge, giving reviews and feedback and acquire token ERC20 that can be used online for certain transactions.

Gilgamesh Platform will also help authors to get their full remuneration without any percentage don’t have to shave. We hope that the Gilgamesh Platform share knowledge feature will do
Gilgamesh – In essence, Gilgamesh is self-government, sharing knowledge social network platform powered by smart contracts, Ethereum IPFS and blockchain technology to create an ecosystem that is safe, fair and compelling that connects readers, critics, writers, and providers to influence industry books and remove the role of Publisher as intermediary between the flow of knowledge from writers to readers to publish yourself.

What problem solving Platform Gilgamesh?
There’s a gap in the market for a cohesive knowledge sharing platform that allows readers of books and authors to connect and engage with each other. Gilgamesh Platform will allow the reader to not only socialize and explore, but also to find, review, and buy a book. Simplify the process to share and gain knowledge.
Authors benefit from a relationship with their readers by obtaining constructive feedback while simultaneously pushing a discourse and instill a love of learning.
Service providers need advertising space to reach the writers so they can make the form of affordable, reliable publications to publish yourself.
The Publisher restrict the interaction between readers, writers, critics, and self publishing service providers. Gilgamesh platform eliminates communication barriers erected by removing the Publisher as intermediary. As a result, the platform gives readers, critics, and writers the opportunity to control the book market.
Authors can free themselves from monopolizing business partners (publishers) and gain full control of their work.

Why use blockchain?
For several decades the writer should work with their business partners (publishers) to publish and distribute the book. Publishers who are no more than an intermediary that overcomplicates the process, violated the author’s rights and take advantage of the power they hold in the market.
“Standard” contract book do the following:
The Publisher gave the rights to the manuscript Are published or not.
Publishers can negotiate discounts cover price without the consent of the author, but the author royalties will be deducted
The issuer may settle lawsuits on behalf of the author but often charge authors for the cost of the settlement.
It is time to solve this problem and help the author to take ownership of their work. IPFS are associates of hypermedia protocols and cryptographic hash that will be used to store important information such as files and user information, IPFS are suitable for large blockchain-based software, we can store data by IPFS and enter in the number of large perennial IPFS links to blockchain transactions or contracts are smart, it can secure and timestamp of our content without the need to enter data at blockchain.
Ethereum smart contracts will be used to make a standard token ERC20, GIL token allows the shareholders of their token to vote on new features or changes to the platform.
Ethereum smart contracts, IPFS, and blockchain technology creates a transparent ecosystem, censorship-free and safe to book market.

How to invest in Gilgamesh?
To invest in this company, you have to buy their GIL Token. There hasn’t been a dateset for the ICO, but this will hopefully happen soon, maybe at the beginning of 2018.
To buy GIL token, you will have to use the Ethereum, so if you only have cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, you will have to exchange them before going on ICO. With 1 ETH You will be able to buy 10,000 GIL Token.
It is important to note that buying GIL is not equivalent to buy shares in the profit of the company. You would buy a token for use in the platform and, if their value rises after launch, you can sell them, but it is.
Gilgamesh verdict
Should you invest in Gilgamesh? If you have an interest in the literary market, Yes. The company did not show any red flags that look and it looks like it will attract investment. Because of this, if you feel like the company may have in the future, feel free to invest in it. There are no signs of imminent danger in doing so.

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