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Gigzi – Every day the market of cryptocurrency becomes more and more popular and more popular, increasing market capitalization times after time. It is difficult to imagine, but only for a year, the market capitalization of cryptocurrency increased from 930 million US dollars (2017) to 800 billion US dollars in 2018. However, such a crazy market growth does not solve the existing number of problems related to overall market volatility and account security. At the expense of what the general process of introduction of this technology in social masses slows down.

This problem is haunted by many specialists of our time. All of them are aimed at the result, and to be more precise, the introduction of such systems and tools, thanks to which we will be able to avoid the main problems relating to the world cryptocurrency. I want to talk to you about such a system today.

About the project
Gigzi – is an innovative financial system, which includes several applications designed to solve existing problems in the field of cryptocurrency. The main task, which is related to increasing the level of asset security and stability of the course of cryptocurrency. This system was developed about two years and now has the opportunity to appear before you in all glory. Since the whole principle of user interaction with Gigzi, is built in such a way as to change in the future, the approach to all existing ways of trading,

Gigzi Features
As I wrote earlier, the team of founders intends to solve the main flaw of cryptocurrency, namely their storage and safety in the network. For this purpose experts of Gigzi have resorted to cooperation and technologies of the World Company (IriTech). Thanks to which, the purse Gigzi has the highest degree of safety, as the user’s input is carried out by scanning the iris. This security system is not used yet any existing system or platform on the basis of blockchain! This gives a huge advantage to gigzi in front of all other systems and platforms.

To make the stability of their digital coin, the founders of Gigzi decided to reinforce each of their coins with precious metals such as silver, gold, and platinum. Such a principle will allow all investors to use something more real and valuable than just a digital coin while enjoying the stability of these very metals and protect themselves from the high volatility of the market. To do this, the proportion of 1 gigzi coin will be equal to 1 gram of this or that precious metal.

Gigzi structure
Thus we have come to the disclosure of three main functions of the Gigzi platform:
 Purse;
 Exchange;
 Treasury.

 In order to get into your wallet, the user will need to pass a biometric check through the application Gigzi Iris. This application was developed with the latest technology in the field of security, the world leader as-IriTech. I would like to note that this company has developed similar security systems for organizations such as OON and many other health care systems, services and states. Introduction of biometric security system will allow to realize a high degree of safety of Gigzi purse, and also to allocate it on a background of all other existing purses.
 Due to the presence of its own exchange, the Gigzi system will allow all users to quickly conduct exchanges of cryptocurrency assets with Fiat and vice versa. Also for users, through the integration of the API exchanges, will be available to transfer cryptocurrency from one exchange to another. The same will also apply to traditional fiat exchanges. This principle allows not to be limited to one exchange, but to interact with a large range of partners.
 As I said before, the Gigzi system intends to support each of its coins with precious metal from this and will be a further classification of the coin: GZP (Platinum), GZG (gold) and Gzs (silver). Every time a coin is purchased, it will be backed by 1 gram of metal. When the cycle of the transaction will take place in the opposite direction and there will be a ransom of precious metals, then the system will immediately take place the destruction of the crypto-asset. Takai principle will allow you to quickly exchange Gigzi Black on Gigzi Metals and convert your assets to a more stable precious metals market.
By the way, I forgot to mention that the largest mint of Australia will take part in this event. Which to this day is engaged in mining of precious metals for New York Mercantile Exchange, London, Shanghai, Dubai and Commodity exchange of Tokyo? Therefore, to doubt the purity of the source of precious metals does not make sense. Since the partnership with Gigzi includes the most transparent relationships and excellent ethics for the organization of transactions.

Gigzi – These are not cunning actions of the team of founders of the Gigzi system, intends to enter the world of cryptocurrency and make a furor in it, raising the bar for all subsequent projects and existing systems, both in the quality of safety and protection of wealth. After all not without reason historically there was a fact, that on means of precious metals people tried to keep the riches from various changeable directions. Here and here the team of founders decided to apply this method. In any case, Gigzi attracts with its individuality and non-standard thinking in the field of cryptocurrency and their union with precious metals. In any case, I think you just have to study this project in more detail and find a lot of useful things about which I did not have time to tell.

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