Gigtricks – Today it is difficult to surprise someone with the existence of a freelance market, which is growing every year more and more. Now there are about 81 mln. Officially registered freelancers in North America, Europe, and Asia. Many specialists, in different directions, prefer to sell their services directly to the customer, to have a flexible schedule, without leaving the house. These conditions attract many people for whom the corporate environment is not acceptable. Note that many customers prefer to work with freelancers, given the lower cost of their services. However, the market of freelancers has a large number of problems, which, in most cases, are connected with the working relationship between the customer and the executor, and all arising from this circumstance. The main problem of the freelance industry is the opacity of the relationship: on the one hand, the freelancer cannot get paid to the fullest, on the other hand-the customer risks to face a non-professional executor. To solve these problems, according to the Gigtricks project team, it is possible with the help of blockchain technology.

About the project
Gigtricks-is a platform for full-fledged work of freelancers, which will correct the disadvantages of most existing freelance sites. It will be a full-fledged ecosystem within which customers and performers will be able to collaborate on completely confidential conditions. The main problems that this platform will fix are opacity and fraud. The developers set themselves for the purpose to create conditions in which cooperation within the framework of this platform will be based on trust and tolerance. Gigtricks By using smart contracts, developers can ensure that both parties meet their obligations. And the blockchain technology will allow creating independent ratings of freelancers, which would exclude for the customers the possibility of cooperation with a non-professional.

Developers emphasize what opportunities the platform opens for customers and performers:
 The opportunity to present their services
 Ability to create a portfolio, to demonstrate their skills
 A large number of talented professionals available to cooperate with entrepreneurs
 The opportunity for entrepreneurs not to invest in jobs big money, but to hire a professional to perform work, with a guarantee of quality
 Rating and reviews of freelancers genuine, which is guaranteed by blockchain, and reflect real professional skills
 Payment for work is done by internal platform tokens, which ensures low commission, and eliminates problems with international payments
 The platform is completely decentralized, which solves the problems of all centralized freelance platforms: opacity, limitations of their ecosystem

To implement the above goals, the following tools will be launched on the platform:

Gigtricks Marketplace. The main mechanism of cooperation between customers and performers will be through this tool. All freelancers and entrepreneurs from all over the world who will be registered on the platform will be merged in one place. It is with the help of Gigtricks Marketplace that the customer will be able to choose and hire a performer to perform this or that work.

Gigtricks Social. The social component of the platform will be the possibility of direct communication between the members of the ecosystem. They will be able to share information, communicate, subscribe to each other, etc. The purpose of this component is to create trust relationships between participants.

Gigtricks Learning. A component that will perform the training function and create conditions for the improvement of their professional skills. In the future, it is planned that many specialists, mentors will be able to post here their training materials, which other users will be able to buy for tokens. After studying certain skills, the user must pass the exam, after which these skills will be displayed in his ratings.

Gigtricks Pro. With the help of this tool, freelancers will be able to create portfolios of their work or portfolio.Gigtricks  Also here will be displayed rating, with the specified professional skills. In turn, the rating and skills will be tested by various tests. The transparency of this process is realized with the help of blockchain. Adding a skill will be charged (internal tokens).

Gigtricks Point of Sale (PoS). The Platform team cooperates with educational institutions in more than 180 countries to integrate the launch and implementation of any training courses on the Gigtricks platform. In this situation, the payment for the training course will need to be done using an internal token, although in the future the developers plan to integrate into this component the ability to pay Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash.

Selling tokens
Private Seil-April 15, 2018-May 15, 2018
Pre-sale-June 1, 2018-June 30, 2018
Token-sale-July 1, 2018-August 30, 2018
Token Price-$0.24800
The minimum fee is 5 000 000 $
The maximum amount of fees-50 000 000 $
Created tokens-1 000 000 000 GBTC (not sold tokens will be burnt)

Token distribution:
15%-Team and advisors (locked for 12 months)
20%-ecosystem support
5%-Marketing and Bounty
5%-Liquidity Fund
20%-executed project (blocked until the project will need support)

Gigtricks Everyone must decide on their own to take or not to participate in a token. The Gigtricks platform aims to solve quite common problems in cooperation between customers and freelancers through smart contracts and blockchain technology. The idea of the project is not very complicated, and in this, it is a plus. The team offers real mechanisms to solve existing problems while providing platform users with very convenient conditions for conducting professional activities. Gigtricks will be attractive both for entrepreneurs (customers) and performers (freelancers). and using on this platform the possibility of payment for services by an internal token will create a full ecosystem.

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