GIFTCOIN – The World’s First Cryptocurrency For Charitable Giving and Good Causes

GIFTCOIN –  Giftcoin is a cryptographic tamper tamper blocker solution there is to eliminate the possibility of misuse or betrayal of good faith. It has been developed to perform a transaction between a donor and a recipient without any other third party in between. This will ensure that the transaction took place in secrecy, and reached the full number of recipients.
Smart contract will replace one of the main problems of the existing donation funds, linking is a good semerawutan without paying the cost of the services and operations of organizations that carry out the campaign manually. This will restore confidence in the system of how donations work, by making the system more accessible to a wider public and allow more individuals to participate.

In addition to direct funding, the Giftcoin function is also equipped with functions of project financing, allowing the organizers a donation set goals and milestones for the project, allowing the public to feel the objectives of the community for the event than the generosity of individuals.
This means that if the project did not achieve the proposed goals, such as building a well for a village in Uganda, the funds can be returned to donors so that they can participate in other projects in the future without losing hope. With Giftcoin, there will be a great book distributed and allows donors to have some control over where those funds are distributed.
Confidence and feedback is at the core of good faith, and if this wastage, pillar will cause a loss of confidence in the system. This is a social process that is driven by a global acceptance over the charitable activities and donations.

Users will also have the option of simple and widely acceptable to select a monthly donations programme where they will have the option to fund the movement without losing the connection.
In addition, Giftcoin will also be motivating project leader to pursue their donation fundraising goal relentlessly. Network expansion donation will inspire more and more individuals to launch the campaign, so that they can accept the fact that can’t be revoked that there will be results for their efforts.

Has the leader of a movement as important as knowing that funds will be secure and accountable. When the network gained momentum globally, he can have a slot in a giant online shopping checkout page, asking their customers to contribute to good purpose by giving a donation.
Giftcoin will give donors the option to support the cause of their choice, enables the process of democracy and equal access to all issues regardless of their geographic location or other funding Coordinator bias at the time now.

Fostering trust is a serious problem, and it requires the participation of all citizens to take off and reach maturity. Donors operating in the past used to take place in the gray zone, where the donor does not have direct access or adequate knowledge about their contributions.
Giftcoin is a technology that will shake the trust recovery process donations and funding that exists, make sure that you have a role in shaping the future of society socially responsible.

Details Of The Sale Of Tokens
Soft cap: 25 000 000 Tokens ($ 2.5 m)
Hard cap: 100 000 000 Tokens ($ 10.0 m)
Total supply: 1 000 000 000 Tokens ($ 100.0 m)
Currencies accepted: Ethereal, Bitcoin
Minimum purchase: 0.25 ETH
Sale price: 1 ETH = 10000 GIFT
Sale start: 9:30 EST March 20, 2018

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