GATCOIN – Liquid Tradable Retail Shopping Incentives

GATCOIN – we are part of that boast a world of possibilities where everything and almost everything is possible. Basically, Gatcoin is a platform for shopping where there is complete flexibility to upload their items for sale and have full authority to host their own crypto theft also called merchant token.

Gatcoin can be used anywhere in the world as an incentive shopping. Consumers and retailers joined the network and can issue tokens to their mass audiences in a fraction of a second.Customers have all the facilities to use the coinage of these traders to buy the product, claimed the prize, and discounted. Facilities are also available and trade tokens could very easily traded in Gatcoin cryptocurrency Exchange.

Basic functions and work Gatcoin
The main feature of Gatcoin is the main A-Drop. A-Drop warrant to bring large amounts of marketing innovation at the same time. However, according to experience, it involves dropping a point to device customers with similar techniques that occurs on Apple devices.

Apart from these features, the Gatcoin is also known for serving his loyalties programs from time to time. Managing loyalty program provides an efficient platform for the interaction of mass society. Overall, Gatcoin aims to make shopping easier incentive to one and all.

Gatcoin change coupon and loyalty points are uploaded into the digital token. Furthermore, the same digital token can be spent on various businesses and brands. As far as the report is concerned, the Gatcoin claimed to have tied with 21 brands and a total of 60,000 retail stores.
Tokens are very useful because they serve many purposes such as to redeem gifts, discounts and so on. Hold the token or save it as a value, the choice is yours.

Stunning Gatcoin features offered
Gatcoin very large network and some of its main features and components are as follows.
1. Gatcoin: network Gatcoin Network is huge and consists of a variety of barriers to global, high-end, super different speeds where the token circulation retail occur regularly in conjunction with the release of A-Drop.
2. Gatcoin: Mobile Wallet Purse Gat is a place where all retail is token and the only place from where the token can be managed efficiently.
3. Market Gatcoin: Gatcoin Marketplace in General is a shopping portal that can be accessed through mobile phones. This is a place that allows customers to buy whatever they want to buy a token shopping for real products and purchases with the token as well.
4. Gatcoin Exchange: the exchange of gatcoin have experience exchange crypto worldwide with consumers who have the privilege to earn coins retail along Gatcoins and can be part of the network of proud Gatcoin for this product.
5. Gatcoin: Foundation based in Singapore, the Foundation is the non-profit organization the Gat and the most independent of all time.

Sales Gatcoin
There are a total of 200 million Gatcoin available for sale the token. The price is set per token is $0.20.
This token is possibility of sales will begin from October 28, 2017. However, the ICO token will begin from the end of December.
The minimum funding should be spent is $20 million USD. The maximum funding for the same will reach $60 million USD. There is a fixed supply of token amounts to 1 billion.

A little bit of risk
Ethereal network immaturity is one of the major risks. According to the situation and condition of the long, Ethereal main problem is one of the problems on the front end.
Gatcoin is a game changer that very potential in terms of the retail world is funny. It has the power to bring some real disruptions in the world.
Gatcoin aims to change the different ways that retailers use to invest their loyalty and rewards points.
In the midst of all this turmoil, consumers can use the Gatcoin application to manage everything related to their account as programs, awards, etc. They can also use the points in the application itself to receive the token.

Tokens for sale
The sale will offer a number of token coins GAT limited to early adopters. The purpose of the
token sales was launched liquid currencies to trade Merchant Tokens in GAT Exchange.

The supply of a fixed amount of 1 billion GATCOIN be made for operation with the GAT. After that, no further coins will be made. Of the total supply of Coins GAT, 10% will be allocated to the Foundation of the GAT. 10% will be allocated to the developers and technical associates. 80% will be allocated to the general public.

On 28 October 2017, GATCOIN 200 million will be sold to early adopters. The sale will begin at 12:00 UTC and ended on November 28, 2017 at 12:00 UTC or earlier when all 200 million Coins GAT has been sold out.

GATCOIN service will be allocated to first-come first-served. The sale price for 33%
The coins will be corrected in the GAT ETH ETH equivalent of US at $0.20. 33% remained at the second
Equivalent of US $0.30, and 33% on the equivalent of US ETH $0.40.

GATCOIN is sent to the buyer immediately after purchase. GAT free coins
transferable at the end of the sale.

In the year 2017, there will be an initial 200 million sale of the Coins for the original user GAT on October 28, 2017.
After that, the Coins will be distributed at the GAT GAT between 2018 – 2021. The sale will be conducted not announced instead, buyers can bid for coins in Gath GATH Exchange at a time when the prevailing market price. GATCOIN will participate in the auction process either directly, or indirectly through the Foundation or other broker brokers the GAT.

The goal of the program is the sale of 2018 – 2021 is coordinating the release of GAT gradually coins with long-term business development requirements of the GAT and the System for
provide adequate liquidity for growth system users GAT in the future.


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