Gabrotech – Greetings, readers! Recently I was told about the project Gabrotech, it is about loyalty programs. Loyalty programs have always been popular with customers who purchase both in life and online stores. But in most cases, buyers either do not receive their rewards and bonuses or are faced with cheating and stealing their personal data. The Gabrotech project intends to solve this problem.

What is Gabrotech?
Blockchain-a platform that will allow customers of various stores to receive rewards for purchases without fear of fraudulent actions. Using intellectual contracts, the service protects both the seller and the buyer. By the way, users will be able to get cards, with which you can use bonuses for their needs.
What problems does the project solve?
1. The site loyalty program will be connected between stores and other industries.
2. The service has installed a utility that will allow you to exchange cryptocurrency in real time at market prices. This will allow you to make purchases for site tokens, as well as to carry out withdrawals from international ATMs.
3. After purchasing the card, users will be able to send loyalty points to their friends and colleagues without long waiting and high rates. Since the process will be flexible and simple, it will immediately become popular among users who travel a lot. This is especially true for investors.

How does Gabrotech work?
To make all the pros and features of the decentralized platform become available-you need to buy a card Gabro. Merchants use it as a modern payment mechanism. And buyers, in turn, can discover new bonuses as discounts or free goods. Users can also change the trader’s tokens. For each party the card opens a lot of advantages, the benefit is guaranteed not only to buyers but also to sellers.
The platform will operate a mechanism, which in real time converts the Blockchain object to the currency flat. And the cost is established such, which is the purchase on the market at the moment. No longer need to seek help from intermediaries or additional organizations, Gabrotech will do everything by himself.

ICO Terms
Token name: GBO.
Total: 1 000 000 000 GBO.
Hard cap: 50 000 000 dollars.
Token Price: 1 ETH = 5 000 GBO.
Platform: Ethereum.
5 ETH = 10% Bonus GBO.
10 ETH = 15% Bonus GBO.
15 ETH = 20% Bonus GBO.

Token distribution:
5%-Bonus distribution.
20%-Future users
25%-Public sale

Advantages of Gabrotech
1. Exchange cryptocurrency online.
2. No waiting between the translations of friends and colleagues.
3. Ability to receive loyalty bonuses and points in full for completed tasks or purchases.
4. Platform Security.

The project manager is Andy P.K. Chen. He has been advising and helping the largest corporations in digital strategy for over two decades. Having such experience behind shoulders, and also a master’s degree, Andy has decided to create a truly true blockchain-platform. A total of 6 people in the team.
Andy’s assistant is Kim K.V. Mack. He has 20 years of experience in marketing. He was an employee of one of the platforms to promote cryptocurrency. With such an experienced team service is doomed to success.

Development perspective
As there are no analogs of this platform, it remains to watch how the team implements its plans. Given the start and documentation, the platform will be successful in every sense. First, people will be comfortable to make exchanges cryptocurrency, not through intermediaries, it is in the first days of launch interested in a lot of users. The more users, the higher the token price. Secondly, a convenient system of scoring and rewards, as well as their spending, will allow people not to be afraid for safety, everyone will get their bonuses. The threat of fraud will no longer be a fear for users.

Gabrotech In my opinion, the project has recommended the best way possible, and looking at the team I understand that these people know exactly what they want. The creation of a decentralized platform for the loyalty program will be successful in every layer of the population. Also, bonuses will allow not only buyers but also sellers to fully feel the convenience of service.

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